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Believe it or not, Ariaz are making a comeback

Ariaz, a girl group from Rising Star Entertainment (a subsidiary of Star Empire Entertainment, home to ZE:A, Imfact, and formerly Jewelry and Nine Muses) made their debut in October 2019 with "Moonlight Aria." Members Yunji and Sihyeon are alumni of Produce 101, and they were also on Mixnine along with member Hyogyeong.

After their 2019 debut, they completely fell off the radar and did not have any new releases for almost 2 years, leading some fans to assume they had quietly disbanded.

However, it turns out that they released a remake of a Jewelry song in June 2021: "I Like U". They are currently planning to comeback with another Jewelry remake, "Hot & Cold", on September 30th. Member Jueun will not be participating as she is on a hiatus due to emotional anxiety and distress.




News source: Twitter: official_ARIAZ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Header image source: Soompi
Tags: comebacks, nugu, produce 101 alumni, teaser

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