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The Soshi Reunion Doesn't Stop, More Videos of Soshi Friendship!

Dreamcatcher appears on Legendary Trainee, full on Sone mode ensues.

There are more episodes on All the Kpop's channel, but I've skipped them as the guests are most boygroups lol.

Tiffany meets with volleyballer Kim Hee Jin and YouTuber Lim Rara.

OP's fave soshi friendship is finally reunited, cooking pho and spring rolls. I also think the Emos wine is an SM brand, since Hyoyeon was promoting it previously too.

Sooyoung bakes a cake for Soshi's 14th anniversary, and has a video call with Tiffany. Her channel is now a very business channel with paid promotions, get money I guess?

Yoona is on overdrive for her film, Miracle, promotions, which was released over the Chuseok holidays. Tiffany also confirms her next acting gig in Yoona's behind the scenes of Miracle filming.

sources: ALL THE K-POP, Mobidic, 유리한TV, 문명특급 - MMTG, 씨네플레이, Yoona's So Wonderful Day | 임윤아 오피셜

the girls need to stop teasing the group comeback and asking us to wait!!!
Tags: dreamcatcher, eat like your faves, girls generation, hyoyeon, social media/youtube, sooyoung, sunny, tiffany, yoona, yuri

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