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F.cuz, ‘We cast off the burden of being 2nd generation idols’

Garnering interest even before their debut, idol group F.cuz (Jinon, Lee U, Kan, Yejun) has officially debuted and is taking a stab at the music industry.

They can’t look any happier than when they sing their fresh youthful debut-song ‘Jiggy.’ On the day of the interview, despite the fact that Kan had injured his leg and was wearing a cast, he smiled saying, “I’m so happy to release and promote this album.”

# Within 3 minutes our whole lives…

They still remember their debut stage very clearly. They’ve prepared for 2 whole years but in those short 3 minutes and 10 seconds it felt like they revealed their whole lives. Even though they felt it might’ve been in vain they did not cry. They probably won’t ever forget what their debut stage was like.

This newly debuted group is filled with ambition. Lee U is very playful and likes talking so he’ll probably do well in variety programs. Kan is very masculine but has an off-the-wall charm. Leader Jinon wants to approach fans as a ‘simple guy’ or ‘pleasant guy.’

Their love for youngest member Yejun is especially particular. The members smiled proudly, calling Yejun their team’s mascot. “He is so unbelievably cute when he smiles!”

# Supernova, a good experience

Leader Jinon was originally a member of Supernova. I wonder how he remembers the experience. He shared, “Right now the background is helping me in many ways. Like, I have experience of living in a dorm, so as a leader I have a lot to share. Also because I’ve been the youngest before I understand how difficult it can be. So I want to make sure our team’s magnae Yejun never feels hurt for being the youngest.”

He added, “I said, ‘Let’s make it to the top together without any dropouts’ and I think the dongsengs are following me well.”

# We don’t feel so burdened anymore!

Lee U was already known pre-debut for being Sul Woon-do’s son. Being a 2nd generation celebrity can be a blessing but it can also be a curse.

About this Lee U said, “At first because of prejudice against second generation celebrities, there were some misunderstandings and some did not approve of me. But these days it’s gotten a lot better. The disapproval is not as sharp anymore. Now I think I prefer it this way; my father gives me a lot of advice.”

Actually Lee U used to look at his father who is a singer, and think, “I better not become a singer.” This is because he felt resentful due to his father always being too busy to be home. But then in his first year of middle school he saw his father performing a concert and saw that his father glowed. After that he realized that while the job of a singer is difficult it has its benefits. He knew that the road to becoming a singer would not be easy. His father opposed. But seeing his son working hard persistently, he eventually gave his consent.

# Fun dorm life

Right now members of F.cuz are living together in a dorm. At first they could not even imagine living together. But after the decision was made and they met and talked, it felt like meeting family that they had known for 2, 3 years. Because they communicate well and have similar personalities they are having a great time together. Living in a dorm feels like filming a fun variety program.

# Our charms

Next we had an opportunity for them to shamelessly boast their individual charms. We didn’t realize how quickly time passed as they blatantly listed them one by one without thinking to be shy.

Yejun, “I think I’m a man with a beautiful smile. People really don’t like when my face is expressionless so I try to always laugh. And I think my hands are nice.” (Haha)

Kan, “I think I have 1000 faces. My image changes according to how I’m styled. And my honey thighs are attractive and I’m the strongest.” (This is embarrassing)

Lee U, “Hmm, should I say my charm is my smiling-eyes and my small face? (Haha) And people do say that I play the piano well.”

Jinon, “Like my cherry lips, sharp nose, and Jjang-goo-like thick eyebrows? But it’s really embarrassing to say this with my own lips. And I think I look good in a suit.”

F.cuz has made their goal this year to become closer with fans. While winning the newcomer award would be great, their main goal is to concentrate on their activities while showing their unique colors and personalities. F.cuz has a lot left to show us, and this is only the beginning.

Korean Source: OSEN
Translated by: okdubu @ omona_prection
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