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Leaked black box footage shows Rep. Jang Je-won's son Noel assaulting police

Rep. Jang Je-won's son rapper Noel has been arrested again for drunk driving and assaulting police.

On the 18th, SBS '8 News' obtained exclusive black box footage that shows that at a crossroad in Banpo-dong, Seoul at around 10:50pm, police stopped white Mercedes Benz driving with emergency lights on after hitting a vehicle on the right while changing lanes before turning right at intersection.

Police later found out the driver was Jang Yong-jun (Noel) and when police asked him to get out of the vehicle for a breathalyzer, he refused and hit and pushed the police officer.

A witness on the scene revealed, "I heard shouting and then the driver [Noel] shoved and hit police on the chest with his hands. When police tried to pull him out [of the vehicle], he sat back down and pushed the officer and hit him on the head. The fight continued for several minutes. He [Noel] looked drunk and anyone could see that he was on drugs or drunk..."

Non-compliance with a breathalyzer is considered a license revocation level of a drunk driving charge however Noel was already unlicensed due to previous drunk driving charge and was on probation. In 2019, Noel was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison suspended for 2 years probation for a drunk driving accident where he even tried to change drivers.

Meanwhile, police escorted Noel home because he was too drunk making it impossible to investigate. They will decide whether or not to apply for an arrest warrant after the holidays are over.

Source: SBS 뉴스, Naver via Daily Naver
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