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'IDOL: The Coup' releases first trailer and teaser images

IDOL: The Coup is an upcoming drama that centers around Kim Je Na/Jenna (Hani/Ahn Heeyeon), the leader of unpopular idol group Cotton Candy, who after six years are still unknown in the industry. It is currently slated to premiere in November. The drama will star various idols and actors:

- The other members of Cotton Candy are Hyunji (Ahn Solbin of Laboum), El (Exy of WJSN), Chaea (Green of REDSQUARE), and Stella (actress Han So Eun)
- The members of Cotton Candy's popular labelmate boy group, Mars, are Seo Ji-Han (Kim Minkyu, PDX101), Yul (Hong Eunki of RAINZ), Dan (Lee Eun Sang, PDX101/soloist), Taeyoung (Baek Soo Hoo, World Klass contestant/actor), and Ray (Jo Joon Young, actor)
- Kwak Shi Yang (actor) will play the CEO of Starpeace Entertainment, which houses these acts

source: iQiYi K-Drama, soompi
Tags: actor/actress, drama, hani, laboum, produce 101 alumni, wjsn

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