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Jaebeom's mother speaks up

A fan site that is currently protesting against leader Jaebeom’s departure from beast idol group 2PM, Underground, stated on March 1st, “We will do good things for Jaebeom while being his ‘right and left wings.’”

The site wrote,

“On February 25th when JYPE irresponsibly and unfairly declared Jaebeom’s permanent absence as a member of 2PM we said we would go against the company. By any means possible we wanted to return Jaebeom his repuatation that had become tarnished. However, for 6 months Jaebeom and his family members went through a hard time handling various hurtful rumors that had spread around. They no longer want Jaebeom to become an issue now, and are hoping that time will heal.”

In response to how Jaebeom’s family members felt, Underground has decided to respect their wishes. Fansite members feel frustrated and unfair towards the situation but believe that supporting what Jaebeom and his family wants is a part of a fan’s last act of love towards the ex-idol.

In addition, Jaebeom’s mother also spoke up about the issue and addressed fans,

“I want to send my thanks to all the fans. Please continue to keep an interest and watch Jaebeom once in a while. Despite all kinds of rumors that could more than cause a person to despair, our Jaebeom has shown us his normal self and allowed us to not despair but have hope. I thank all the fans again and pray that their hurt feelings caused from this issue will heal quickly. They have done so much.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the six 2PM members Taecyeon, Junsu, Junho, Nikhun, Wooyoung and Chansung held an official meeting with fans on February 27th regarding Jaebeom’s permanent leave from 2PM. The fans where only able to exchange their thoughts on the issue but not have much impact on any of the decisions, which caused many to become angry and hold a protest in front of the JYPE office located at Seoul Chung Dam Dong.After news of 2PM’s Jaebeom’s permanent departure shook the kpop world, it seems like the young man’s close family members have something to say as well.

Everyone has moved on. The cray crays need to do the same and allow all seven boys to be happy.

Source: allkpop
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