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Seventeen's DK purchases building worth 6.8 billion won

According to a recent media report, SEVENTEEN’s DK has become the owner of a building located in Shinsadong, Gangnam-gu. He purchased it in August of this year for 6.8 billion won (around $5.8 million /€5 million).
To expedite the process of acquiring a loan for the building purchase, he reportedly set up a corporation known as "RoaD.K", of which he owns 100% of the shares.

Netizens aren't too happy about this and accuse him of real estate speculation, leaving comments like "Celebrities are real estate speculators these days? Is money more important than their image?", "Crazy.. That’s why house prices in Seoul are going up" and "Every time I see something like this, I feel like the fans who spend a lot of money on idols are wasting their time and money". They also accused Taeyeon of real estate speculation just a few days ago.

sources: knetizen, theqoo

I didn't know the Seventeen members were THAT loaded... anyways, can we get a "help me, i'm poor" tag?
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