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Monsta X Roundup - Dance practice, Season's Greetings, interview, music show wins!

Rush Hour Dance Practice

Teaser for the next (clothing-swapped) dance practice

Rush Hour MV behind the scenes

Monsta X on Idol Radio - "Monchelin Guide"

+ The staff greeted them with a massive banner in the MBC lobby

++ and a very cute cake

On Kihyun's birthday episode of Midnight Idol
Jooheon came by and our Aespa fanboys rounded out their cover series with "Savage"

Deleted scenes from the bartending episode of INSSA OPPA

2022 Season's Greetings concept photos

On-set photos from THE SHOW

I don't normally bother including stuff like this but gotdamn this is a good set

Kihyun x The Saem cosmetics for @Star1 Magazine


We heard you’re coming back on the 19th and your new album No Limit is meant to represent Monsta X’s limitless potential. So what's something new we can expect to hear on this album?
Our albums always contain a wide mix of genres, so in terms of style, I don’t think things will be very different but our members’ musical creativity will come through more clearly.

Jooheon produced the title track “Rush Hour.” What do you think will draw people most to this song?
We’re coming back with a title track that’s classic Monsta X. Our previous songs “Love Killa” and “Gambler” were more subdued. Of course many people liked those songs as well but we know there were some fans who were hoping we’d go back to more typical Monsta X type of explosiveness. I think “Rush Hour” is a return to our signature energy and vibe.

What can we anticipate for your performances?
The moves are very big and active and our formations look really cool (laughs). The choreography really fills up the stage so we hope you’re looking forward to seeing it. We pay a lot of attention to camera angles and coordinate carefully between ourselves so even if it’s a little more difficult to pull off while filming music shows, we trust it’ll look great even in a plainly shot dance practice video.

Once again, the members participated in producing several tracks on the album. Which would you say is your favorite?
Hyungwon helped compose and write the lyrics for "Mercy," and it’s got a pretty exhilarating sound. The style of the music worked very well with my voice. I was really impressed with myself and how well I sang that song and Hyungwon was not impressed by that, haha.

We know the theme of this album is being limitless. Are you the type to accept your limits and focus on what you do well or do you prefer to try and break past them?
I don’t think I want to predetermine my limits. I don’t really think about that. Of course I feel strained sometimes but I try to move past it by thinking, "well, everyone goes through rough patches," it feels unnecessary to set hard limits on what I’m capable of. Trying new things naturally comes with risk and anxiety but the feeling of achievement I get from that can be incredibly satisfying. If I just stay focused on that sense of achievement, eventually I get there somehow. For example, R&B and jazz aren’t genres I’m very good at but when I appeared on Jukjae’s “Night Studio,” I ended up performing a few jazz songs. I wasn’t sure I could do it but I was pretty happy with the results. And I think these new experiences end up encouraging me to try more things and go further.

Monsta X has a film premiering on Dec 8th. It must be very meaningful to have a movie capturing some of your career.
The things that we present on stage or in media are usually just the final products or results. This film focuses a bit more on the process; it features interviews about our inner thoughts, performances we haven’t released before, and some of the things that go into the process of putting together a final product. For example, the results of our American promotions seemed very fancy and we’re very proud of our experiences, but we faced a lot of challenges while breaking into America. The story of how we came through that to become the Monsta X that we are today, the debates and endeavors that go into creating our albums and performances - we wanted to put all of that on display. We reveal some things we’ve never shown off anywhere so yes, it was a very meaningful project.

It’s a chance to look back at the past six years. When you think back to how you’ve changed since debuting, what stands out to you the most?
When you’re a rookie, you have no idea how to perform well on stage, or how to communicate well with fans, nothing. And it’s not like anyone can teach you either, you just have to learn through firsthand experience. So we used to work as hard as we could at everything all the time but now I think we’ve learned to use our energy more efficiently and not live or die on every reaction we see and hear, just keep to our own path. I think becoming someone who isn’t too easily swayed by what others say is the greatest gift the last six years have given me.

Has Monsta X lived up to the expectations you had for yourself as a rookie?
When we were rookies, we always said amongst ourselves that we hoped someday younger groups would see us as role models. I can’t say that we’ve accomplished that as fully as we’d hoped but sometimes hoobaes will mention us in interviews as their role models or when they hand out their new albums to us, they’ve written all sorts of praise for our performances. I feel pretty proud when that happens, like “I guess we’re doing something right.”

What do the other Monsta X members mean to you?
Family. We’re constantly together so of course we argue occasionally but luckily we all tend to move on and get over it quickly and before long, we’re all joking around again. We’re family and brothers that have nothing to hide from each other, I really can’t think of any other way to describe us.

After 2018 and 2019, this is the third time that you’re participating in the Jingle Ball tour in America. How does it feel to return to that stage after two years?
It’s such a large-scale event and the lineup is incredibly stacked. Sometimes we wonder if we even deserve to be there. We’re so happy that we get to perform alongside such amazing artists and more than anything, we’re thrilled that it’ll be our first time in almost two years performing in front of fans. I was thinking about that the other day and it’s been almost exactly a year and ten months since we last performed with fans. I’m actually a little worried that I’ll get overexcited being in front of an audience again and over-pace myself onstage.

How is performing at the Jingle Ball different from a normal concert?
The audience is huge and most of them don’t know who we are. If we come out with a four-song set, the audience reaction will be pretty quiet during the first song. Then over the second and third songs, we can feel the energy rising a lot and by the fourth, we’re all having fun together. During the last Jingle Ball, I was focusing on an older man in the audience and as our performance went on I could see him visibly getting more and more into it, it was really funny.

Your second American album, The Dreaming, is coming out on December 10th. Can you tell us a little bit about what the album dislike?
It’s definitely a different style from No Limit. Our Korean albums are very fast-paced and showy and energetic, but this US album is much lighter and sweeter with more of a pop sound than we’ve previously done. We do try and make our American albums very conceptually distinct from our Korean albums. Some songs are dreamy and soft enough to be lullabies, and I think you’ll be able to see a very different side of us from what we’ve shown in our Korean music.

You’re also currently hosting the online talk show Midnight Idol. You said you were looking forward to how you and I.M were going to work together, since the two of you are very different. How has your chemistry been developing?
We have pretty much opposite personalities. Sometimes we’ll read what someone wrote in and we don't get each other responses to it at all (laughs). But I’m very proud of how well we work together. I’m very extroverted and I.M is much more quiet but we get all kinds of guests with all kinds of personalities, so that combination works well in dealing with them.

How would you rate your own hosting abilities, on a scale of 1 to 10?
When we were starting out, I struggled a bit with reacting to some situations on the spot or keeping the show running fluidly, so I’d give myself a 5 out of 10 back then. Now I’d say I’m at about 8.5 out of 10. I can tell I’ve made a lot of progress. But I still need to work on keeping the tone and flow of the show consistent no matter who the guest is.

December is of course, the month of Christmas. If you could get any gift in the world, what would you want to receive?
I’d want the freedom to travel anywhere I want, whenever I want.

Do you usually prefer to travel spontaneously?
I do. One time, Hyungwon and I were having dinner and after a couple drinks suddenly we just wanted to go somewhere. So we took a quick day trip the next day. Even if I make plans, they often don't work out well due to our work schedules so spontaneous trips are more enjoyable for me.

Looking back at the year 2021, what’s the most memorable incident that comes to mind?
We still haven’t been able to see our fans so I don’t know if there was anything really exceptionally memorable. But now we’re hearing that fans may be able to attend music shows again soon. If we can enjoy our performances with them again, then that will probably be the moment that I remember most from this year.

What would you like to say to your members coming up on the end of the year?
Due to Shownu hyung’s temporary absence, it’s just the five of us closing out the year together. We’ve been busy recently, revising our choreography and re-recording some things, so I hope we wrap up the year unhurt and in good health so Monsta X can work together happily in the new year as well.

What do you want from the upcoming year 2022?
The difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic have stretched from last year all the way through this one. I hope 2022 will be a year without any more setbacks, just healthy and happy days for everyone.

🎉 Rush Hour got its first music show win on the Nov. 23 episode of THE SHOW! 🎉

🎉🎉 And a second win on the Nov. 24 episode of Show Champion!! 🎉🎉

🎉🎉🎉 And a third win on the Nov. 26 episode of Music Bank!!! 🎉🎉🎉

KH: I think the last time we won at Music Bank was about three cycles ago and now we've gotten #1 again. I didn't think this comeback would have any surprises left for us but thanks to MBB we still get to experience some very surprising things. We're very happy these days and we love you.
HW: We were hoping to make MBB's winters a little warmer but MBB has done that many times more for us in return. We want to say thank you so, so much.

🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations!! 🎉🎉🎉

First major music show win in over 2.5 years!!! ❤️🖤 dash wiro dash wiro dash wiro
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