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2AM to be exposed through a reality program!

Like 2PM and the wildly successful Wild Bunny, 2AM will be getting their own show on Mnet!

The program, which is not named yet, will premiere on March 10th and will monitor the daily lives of the 2AM members.

Kwon Young Chan PD who organized the program stated, “We looked at camcorders which the members carried throughout their daily lives. We looked at the recording and thought it would make up a great reality program. This program will contain real footages of their daily lives. [...] We kept bothering 2AM’s side to get their consent to broadcast this program. [...] We will add as least subtitles and quality fixes as needed. The recordings will be broadcasted as is, so we can say that 2AM was actually in charge of the whole filming.”

A representative of 2AM stated, “Although we sent our consent after endless requests from the PD, we are still a bit worried. I think we will be able to reveal the true selves of the 2AM members. I think it will be a great present to the fans.”

Unlike the “fake reality programs” we see nowadays with CCTVs and self-cameras, which are all planned before broadcast, these footages of 2AM are actually real. They are all taken throughout the daily lives of each member, just like how some of you guys record things on your camcorder / mobile phone.

Their program will include never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes of MV filming, plus lots more. Stay tuned to their 100% reality program on March 10th!

Source: AllKPop

It's about damn time, I mean, REALLY! 2AM News is amazing and everything, BUT WASN'T LONG ENOUGH. brb, shaking and crying with JOY!
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