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The match of 2: F.Cuz intense guys vs ZE:A melancholy guys

Last January two rookie groups, F.Cuz and ZE:A debuted in the same time, entering a friendly competition. Now, after two months, they'll meet again when they release their new albums.

F.Cuz's agency CAN&J Ent. representative said on the 4th: "For the last two days F.Cuz has been recording the new music video for the upcoming album "NO ONE".It will be released on the 11th."

They added: "F.Cuz's "NO ONE" will show a 180 degree change from their debut song "Jiggy" through intense and manly looks and vocals. "Jiggy" performances were full of youthfulness meanwhile the new track is supposed to be more mature."

While F.Cuz is preparing for their complete transformation, ZE:A is planning to charm everyone with their calm, strong vocals.

ZE:A showed their charms through their debut song "Mazeltov" with strong electronic sound and matching masculinity. But in their new song they're going to show the wounds that a heartbroken man carries.

In the last interview with Star News ZE:A's leader leader Moon Junyoung said: "We'll show what we couldn't show during our debut activities. We'll sing a song about painful separation, trying to show the mood on stage."

He also added: "We haven't performed the song yet but we saw the lyrics, and we'll try our best to understand the main hero's feelings."

source: Naver
translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren forums
Tags: f.cuz, ze:a

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