blue skies & cloudy days (strawberry_efeu) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
blue skies & cloudy days

3 Chongsa's Eat Eat is a Digital Single :(

3 Chongsa's Eat Eat was finally released on March 3rd, almost a week after the group started promoting it. The digital single contains tracks from 3 Chongsa's previous single, 가자! The only new track is Eat Eat, sadly enough. :( However, there are some new images from 3 Chongsa's Daum Cafe, even if the company still hasn't updated their website. They also performed on this week's Music Bank, but I haven't seen a link for it anywhere.

I'm posting the old songs as well, just in case this is your first encounter with 3 Chongsa. I particularly recommend 바보 같은 내사랑. It's a lovely ballad.

Songs and pictures! :DCollapse )

sources: iHoneyJooYT, Daum Cafe, Mnet, iHoneyJoo

...I hope I did everything right this time. I had to redo this 3 times because of various problems, so my strength is low right now. D:
Tags: comebacks, music

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