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U-Kiss,"Our increase of popularity? Thanks to Dongho!"

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Entering the 'Idol Craze' last year, U-Kiss comes back with their first full length album and their new title song 'Bingeul Bingeul'. Alexander (22), Kevin (19), Eli (19), Kibum (20), Soohyun (21), Dongho (16), and Kiseop (19) come back, but this time with a stronger and deeper image. Even with their packed schedule, U-Kiss came with a smile on their faces and anxiously waiting for the interview to begin.

▶ Maknae Dongho Changed?
Dongho of U-Kiss is the first member to get noticed by many fans. With 'Invincible Baseball' and 'Quiz to Change the World', Dongho has received many interest and love towards netizens and fans. This couldn't hide the members' jealousy.

"Our song is known by many people now. From then, our popularity also began to rise. But no matter what, I think Dongho was a big help to this. Dongho began to change though after this..." (laughs) (Kevin).

As the members began to complain about this, Dongho responded, "Ah, what's wrong!"

"Dongho gained a lot of confidence and freedom. I found out Dongho's hobby was knitting after watching a TV show!" (laughs) (Soohyun).

Dongho responded, "Because I thought the hyungs would tease me, I secretly knitted without telling them. I don't think they know how relaxing this is!"

Dongho's face was brought up with a smile after talking about his singing parts. "For our last song I only had 12 words but for 'Bingeul Bingeul' I got more parts. I think this is the best thing ever!" (Dongho)

▶ Weird Sleeping Habits
The dorky 7 members are known to have unique habits. Because the members do not have a dorm, this can be seen as they sleep in the car.

"One of Eli's habit is that he goes to the restroom right after he eats! Also because we have so many members, there were a lot of times when we forgot about Eli when he was in the bathroom. This happened at least 3 times so everytime we get in the car, our manager would ask if Eli is in the car." (Kibum)

Baseball lover Dongho, also plays baseball in his dream. Kiseop revealed, "While he's sleeping in the car, there are times when Dongho will just suddenly move his hands as if he's throwing a ball."

Dongho responded to this, "It's frustrating because I can't throw right in my dream!"

▶ Soohyun's Rumor With 2AM's Jokwon
Recently, a picture of Soohyun and Jokwon that was released online stirred netizens. There were many talks about if these two idols were gay.

"I was a JYP trainee before. As everyone knows, Jokwon was a trainee for 8 years. We would talk about hard times and help each other out; that's how we became good friends. Kwonnie seems to be nicer now" (laughs) (Soohyun).

7 members also talked about what they wanted to do in the future.

"I want to get a CF love call!" (Kibum)
"I want to be featured in a girl group's song." (Soohyun)
"I want to be in a drama of a sitcom." (Eli)
"I want to gain some weight." (Alexander)

But what about Dongho? Dongho's older brother is 10 years older. "Because it's almost my dad's 60th birthday, I would like to make more money and buy him a house in the country side."

Credits: IS Plus
Translations: masterpiece @ 7kisses

Dongho continues to be a knitting pimp
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Oh and just to let y'all know. There is a shower scene in Vampire ep 7 with a certain knitting pimp and his pigeon~

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