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Heechul Cyworld Photo Entry (2010.03.04)

Subject: Heechul Cyworld Photo Entry

Under the 希 Style folder
During birthday have to get birthday cake*
2010.03.04 22:29

Because Hongki birthday falls on the 21March, we have to call out our members urgently
Hongki is a kind and capable guy so we have to take care of him
We also celebrated Yongwoon ** birthday the other time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(those who watched B.O.B. will know that heart-warming celebration)

Mithra—“Epik high” same age friend. the fact is he is an early-83er,so he is supposed to be hyung?
Although he is part of the “chocolate ball”, but no one knows his existence as he never attend meetings.
Always says “the fact that you are from the same company as Girls Generation makes everyone jealous.”
But whenever soshi appears in front of him, he will turn into a red-faced bear。
because of the scandal (-┏), and the stories that everyone heard about, so PASS

Heenim—Being the creator of “Chocolate Ball”,because of the phrase “so troublesome” the group separates
mood swings,a professional-level temper,thus voted “the artist that I will not want to work with” ,
but I still get praises from many people who admires me(example hongki, taemin,Simon D..etc..)。
when people ask me to do something, i wont do; i am the frog who does things that people don’t want me to do(like those disobedient characters in fairytales)
a person that live being loyal,and charms from 99.9% cocaine ***

Nassun—early 83-er. I did not speak formally the first time we meet so we became friends (the importance of making the first move to control people)
“I am RAP Zombie,I am RAP RAP Zom Zombie”(Nassun’s new song)
turned him into a cunning zombie with mustache.
The hairy man with my ideal cheek mustache+ ramen-like hairstyle, which totally matches.
Managing “chocolate ball” together with Hongki,but always break apart due to my magical words.
cutting his hair and shaving his mustache makes him “flower boy”, but don’t know why Nassun becomes stranger now ****

Simon D—a new face to everyone,new capital。together with “Supreme Team”’s Eense
being a new-born yet still can let people feel the beat. Simon Dominic,Simon D。
Had been exchanging calls with him for 3 months but have not meet once yet. not even walked past.
deeply immersed into my charms of cocaine。
in the phone call he would slowly call out “hyung” in dialect,but when he rap,it will become (⊙o⊙) <
like rubber band shaped ddeokboki ***** sticked together

Jungmo:known as “TRAX” absolute feeling of the sound. can play every instrument.
having the legend of “with the presence of heenim, there will be Jungmo”
participated in the Kim’s gathering(Youngwoon,me,Jungmo,KiBum),”Chocolate Ball” gathering
have to think, he is the only “O” type。Did not understand me initally,
but now can understand me more than anyone will ^-^ (if not it becomes Jungmo KILL)

Hongki:lead vocalist of “F.T Island”。the first to praise Heenim,Heenim promotional ambassador。
due to me he also became a weird person,yet he will send out his love continously.
when he is overseas,back in korea,up on stage,when he out to play and more…
no matter when he will still report the ㆀ “Don’t Don” time..
although i call out to him to see him but he will run to me, one hand with spoon filled with rice and say
“ah,hyung must have call me to beat me ” (-┏)
the love that I got from Hongki through “JoAhSeo”

aishi..because hongki’s birthday, i search for photos online and photo-shop it with our names
everytime I photoshop, will think of the efforts put in by the professional photoshop experts, the petals. ******come to think of it, what should be call this one-time gathering

Hongki time party(because of Hongki birthday, the time that everyone party)
Hongki correct path(Hongki ah,you have to walk in the proper way)
Hongki your ki(Hongki ah,this is your birthday. kikiki)

Birthday:21st March (as it is according to the lunar calendar, every year it changes)
Things to bring:digital camera (to take those good pictures have to make-up, so just digital camera is enough)

ah,don’t have any female members (-┏)
those female celebrities that wants to join our AB club, you can come anytime

ah! because the urgent meeting has only me attending,the conclusion is don’t have to be AB type to join our club. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

* or: “BBANG” – the sound of being punched, the birthday boy has to get a punch from everyone
** Kangin
*** an illegal type of drug (wtf)
**** Nassun and stranger has similar pronunciation in korean
***** rice cakes (talking about the rap)
****** he is trying to say that he is impatient with the photoshop software

Source: Heechul's Cyworld
Translated from chinese by:
Edited/corrected by: (Take out with full credits)

sorry it took a while, mods o:

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