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March Comeback Announced for Lee Jung Hyun

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Last summer, singer Lee Jung Hyun led promotions with her mini-album and title track Vogue It Girl. Now over half a year later, it’s been revealed that she’ll be making a comeback this month with her 7th album.

If you recall, Lee also recently appeared on the late night talk show Asia Uncut and was even compared to world famous American artist Lady Gaga.

Last time around, this singer gained quite a lot of attention for her unique fashion sense and music, so many eyes are on this upcoming comeback. It’s been revealed that some of Korea’s top composers are currently working on the album.

The album will have a unique style and have a fun new dance. But she’ll also be changing things up a bit as she’ll also feature a ballad track. The main concept will be something different but bold as ideas are being brainstormed.

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Singer Lee Jung Hyun appeared recently on the late night Asian talk show Asia Uncut to promote her upcoming comeback.

Asia Uncut is a variety chat show with guest celebrities ranging from Asian celebrities like martial arts expert Jackie Chan to A-list Hollywood actors like Matthew McConaughey aka Sir No-Shirts-A-Lot.

Hosted by Jon Niermann, president of video game company Electronic Arts (EA) Asia, he welcomed his latest guest Lee Jung Hyun. He commented on his experience meeting her saying, “I have met many celebrities but her style and manners in the media is similar to that of Lady Gaga and is one of the top stars.”

Lady Gaga is famous for her eccentric habits and fashion style with her addictive electro thumping music. Many fans new to k-pop may not see the similarities in the two now because Lee Jung Hyun has changed her style. But anyone who lived through Korea’s techno craze in the 90s will agree that Lee Jung Hyun was the wackiest of the bunch with her colorful wild clothing and her infamous pinky finger microphone.

Both stars have a similar style in performance and Lady Gaga had even chosen Lee Jung Hyun to open for her last summer when the American artist was touring in Asia. Truly, she is the Asian Gaga.

Source(s): AKP 1 + 2

I dunno 'bout chu but I am very excited for her comeback. I've been all about her lately, my favorite album has to be I ♥ Natural.
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