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SHINee’s Taemin To Complete Military Service As Public Service Worker Due To Depression And Anxiety

After initially enlisting as a member of the military band, SHINee’s Taemin will be completing the remainder of his military service as a public service worker.

On January 14, SM Entertainment announced that Taemin had been transferred from the military band to public service due to worsening symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

This is SM Entertainment.

As of January 14, Taemin has been transferred from the military band to supplementary service.

Due to the symptoms of depression and anxiety that Taemin has been suffering from before [his enlistment], he continued to receive treatment and therapy even while carrying out his service. However, because his symptoms recently worsened, the military determined that it had become impossible for him to continue his military life and treatment at the same time, and he was accordingly transferred to supplementary service.

Therefore, Taemin plans to fulfill his military duty as a public service worker.

We apologize for giving you cause for concern through this sudden news, and we will continue to focus on Taemin’s treatment in the future and do our utmost to ensure that he can find stability.

Thank you.


Source: Soompi
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I’m sure it’s so hard to do mandatory enlistment on top of the whole pandemic plus before he enlisted he was….not looking very happy to go. I really hope he is getting the support he needs and getting actual good therapy that gives him the structure he would need.
[sorry long word-vomit] This is genuinely so sad and upsetting. I'm so sad for him, sad that it had to be made so public especially in a country that isn't quite there with mental health awareness, and add in the whole military factor to the mix — a sensitive topic in Korea no less — and, well, it's a mess all around or has the potential to be. I just hope people don't give him a hard time (I'm not optimistic on that front to be honest) when the priority should be him, and him only, and just him getting better. Knowing how much his career means to him (literally his whole life), I hope it doesn't affect it too. It's hard enough having to deal with anxiety and depression, period, but to have to deal with it so publicly, and under these extenuating circumstances, and under all of that weight and pressure, it's just ☹️.

But seriously what the fuck is going on in SM that they can't take care of their artists' mental health and emotional well-being? You'd think after the tragedies of the last couple of years, they'd learn something from that and have proper resources and a support system in place. He was obviously struggling from the moment he was made aware of his enlistment (if not before that even): crying on his vlive enlistment-announcement, not to mention that Japan fancall right before he enlisted that was mysteriously canceled? Some shit obviously went down. And don't get me started on the fact that he had a crazy schedule right down to the last few seconds before his enlistment or how people were gawking at him in the military showers/stalking him. Just....ugh all around, and so very sad. They should have just applied for non-active duty enlistment from the get-go, like what they did with Baekhyun's hypothyroidism!

I just hope that now that he gets to go home and be surrounded by his friends and family (and Kkoong) that he will hopefully eventually get better ☹️❤️. Rooting for you baby cheese. I just really really hope he stays safe.

And I know we always say trust no man, particularly no kpop man, but...he feels like one of the few good eggs 😢.

One last thing, he allegedly said, "I'm scared of what else I'll hear when I go out," how heartbreaking is that ☹️
200% agree w everything you said in this comment /hugs


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3 days ago

These aren't the news I wanted to hear :( I feel so bad for him. It must have been bad for the military to address and change his service, though I'm glad they gave him the option. It also sucks that it had to be announced so officially, couldn't they maybe say "health reasons" without going into details? Mental health isn't well perceived in SK... I hope he will be better soon. At least he'll be more in touch with his family and friends as a public service worker, which is at least helpful :(
SM was probably afraid of the backlash or that people would assume it’s preferential treatment. 😔

It’s koreaboo who reported this but apparently he had to take 6-8 pills every day, took sleeping pills but still woke up with nightmares often. I can’t imagine how hard this is for him 😔


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3 days ago

I’m not sure how I feel learning about his mental health through an announcement like this. I hope people aren’t too hard on him because of this, and more importantly I hope he is getting the support he needs and feels better soon.
a bit oot but it's wild that we still have mandatory military service.

My best wishes to him.
It's disappointing they had to make this public. I'm sad to hear it. I hope he gets the help he needs.
I hope he gets the help he needs and that anti's and knets fuck off with anything negative they may have to say about this.
This is really upsetting and something I've been worried about since before he even enlisted since he really did not seem like he was in a good place at all just prior. Having to put your whole life and career on pause is hard enough without this in addition :(

I hope things improve for him now and that the general public doesn't react too harshly.
this news makes me so sad but unfortunately it's not surprising. he'd been miserable AT BEST about his enlistment prior to finally going in and in every picture we saw of him after he started it was clear that he was not happy. i really worry about him. i hope this change in position helps him. he's one of the few idols i really, truly love and care about and i'd be devastated if anything happened to him.

i'm going to figure out what app or service it is that people use to send idols letters and i'm going to send him one.


January 14 2022, 13:27:58 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 13:28:30 UTC

Reading the news made me so sad. He seemed so upset in the vlives before going and although settling into a routine like the one those serving in the military have might be good for some people I was nervous that it wouldn't suit an introvert like Taemin... Also SM adding 100000000 things to his schedule just before going, (even though I know Taemin wanted to do some of it, like the taemggung insta account etc so that Shawols wouldn't miss him as much) probably did not help him ease into that lifestyle.

Also LIVID over the news articles quoting random fellow soldiers who spent time w him in the army blabbering about what medication he took etc though. Fuck off and let him live. Don't care if you add "he was a nice hyung" to your story, it's fucking respectless and none of people's fucking business. As a fandom, we're obv on high alert when it comes to the member's mental health but spreading translations of those articles around is NOT HELPING TAEMIN.

The only good thing about this is that when serving as a public officer he gets to go home at the end of the day and spend time with Kkoong, family and friends. Apparently public service officers serve 100 more days in the army than those doing active duty though so I'm not sure if that means that he will need to serve longer than expected..
blabbering about what medication he took etc

what the actual fuck. that's so fucked up!!


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1 day ago

:'( Sending all the good thoughts and I hope he gets a lot of kitty kisses from Kkoongie <3


January 14 2022, 13:39:17 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 13:39:29 UTC

I was just thinking about him the other day and wondering how he was doing in the military. I wish him all the best.
This should never had made the news and should have remained private. I really hope he can take plenty of time to rest and see his family.


January 14 2022, 13:55:04 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 14:32:24 UTC

i really worry for him. i hope that whatever he's assigned to is as private and quiet as possible. i hope this change helps and people get off his case. people really forget celebrities are real live human beings.

we will continue to focus on Taemin’s treatment in the future and do our utmost to ensure that he can find stability
you better!! seriously fuck SM, i don't trust them one bit when it comes to their artists' health and safety. like why tf are they putting his mental health on the news like this??? we don't need to know his business!
This breaks my heart :(
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