the obsessed one (nashirah) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
the obsessed one

ZE:A comeback - false rumor

Rumors regarding 9-member boy group ZE:A and promotional activities for a follow-up song after Mazeltov have been circulating as of late.

The boys debuted on January 7th and just finished promotions for Mazeltov on February 27th on Music Core. Since then, fansites, blogs and even their fan cafe have claimed, “Their new album is coming out on the 14th,” “Their next concept is going for buzz cuts,” and “Their new song will be a sad song.”

ZE:A’s company Star Empire Entertainment said, “All the rumors are kind of new to us. We’ve never said anything to provoke those rumors to surface and circulate. Also, about their new song will reveal information on the 9th.”

/unnecessary comment omitted

Credits: allkp, Star Empire Daum Cafe (for original Star Empire statement)

Saw that yesterday. I don't know what to think. @.@
Tags: comebacks, ze:a

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