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Cho PD disses G-Dragon yet again

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After two long years, hip-hop artist Cho PD has once again dissed Big Bang leader G-Dragon in one of his tracks titled I Want Korean Hip Hop/한국힙합에 바란다 (feat. 블록버스터/Blockbuster) of newly released album titled Victory.

The song itself is mainly about the realities of hip-hop, but what really got the attention of many was the fact that Cho PD directly mentions G-Dragon in his lyrics.

The lyrics in question go,

“Cho PD bigger bang, GD’s favorite one cuz i got the slow flow and fast flow all in one package.”
( Original: “Cho PD bigger bang, GD’s favorite one Cuz i got 느린 플로우 빠른 플로우 자유론 풀 패키지” )

In March 2008, Cho PD released an album titled PDIS which contained a track with former YG trainee May Doni titled Drag. The lyrics directly states being “bigger than Big Bang.”

The lyrics in Drag go,

For a long time we big dogs we bigger bang than big bang, na mean? Is Cho PD turn it up louder May Doni u ready to spit it on a new hit. Ok ok take it! If I call someone out just like this, of course they wouldn’t keep still. Everyone knows how I am when I get pissed off every now and then. I would run away if my flows were as slow as yours.”

( Original: For a long time we big dogs we bigger bang than big bang, na mean? Is 조PD turn it up louder 메이다니 u ready to spit it on a new hit. Ok ok take it!. 만일 네가 이런 식으로 딴 자식에 곁눈질 하면 가만있을 수 없지. 가끔씩 나 한번 씩 열 받을 때 내 성질 알만하면 다 알지. 이 정도 느린 플로우라면 어느 정돌까 과연 도망가, 내가 너라면 )

Seven months later, G-Dragon dissed Cho PD back in a featuring of YMGA’s released song What.

G-Dragon’s response went,

Why does a popular artist like you have so many things to say? Whatever, just give me one mic and I’ll make eight words sick, I flip it ye. If I were you, I would cower away from this fast flow. So f*ck off.

( Original: “대중가수는 무슨 말이 그리 많은데. whatever, mic 하나만 줘봐. 8마디 sick하게 I flip it ye. 이 정도 빠른 플로우라면 도망가, 내가 너라면 . 가라 눈 깔어” )

So the rap duel has fired up once more as the featured artist on Cho PD’s new song, Blockbuster, also joined in on diss toward the Big Bang leader I Want Korean Hip Hop:

“Wearing clothes and dancing dances that follow the trend. Mixing up Korean and English without even leaving any deep meaning in your lyrics. Melodies that are familiar to every ear, making everyone claiming whose who’s on the web. Even though you had a hell lot of training, the results was a mere bar. Even though you dominated the charts, all you get is a few coins, this is the reality of music industy. How about I start representing and settle this with fire.”

“모두가 트렌드에 맞는 차림새를 하고 춤을 추네. 한, 영이 뒤섞인 깊이 없는 가사를 읊네. 다 귀에 낯익은 멜로디, 웹상에선 표절이다 아니다 각자 의견이 분분해. 빡센 연습기간의 대가는 한 소절. 차트를 석권해도 수중엔 달랑 동전 몇 닢밖에, 그게 요즘 가요계 현실. 내가 대표로 총대매고 불 타협 해보지”

This isn’t the first time that G-Dragon has been under fire by other hip hop artists, as famous Maslo has made fun of GD’s Heartbreaker with a mockery album of his own in the past.

Will G-Dragon retaliate with another verse or do you think he should take the route of ignoring Cho PD? Furthermore, who do you think is winning so far – the instigators or the heartbreaker?

sources: star news allkpop
Tags: big bang, g-dragon, scandals

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