Lux (_ochre) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Park Shin Hye to cameo on “High Kick”

And she’s associated with… the main character.

MBC sitcom, “High Kick Through The Roof” has done it again. They selected Park Shin Hye to be on the show as a cameo appearance.

According to officials, Park Shin Hye has recently finished filming her cameo episode secretly. So far, besides Park Shin Hye, they have Jeong Seok Won, Tiger JK and Lee Na Young as cameos. Now, viewers are curious whether or not Park Shin Hye’s appearance has anything to do with the ending, since the show is almost near its finale.

But according to the show’s official, Park Shin Hye will appear as cameo but she will be associated with the main character. This is the one cameo that viewers don’t want to miss. Let’s wait and see how the show ends!

Source: jazzholic
Tags: drama, park shin hye

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