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Hangeng is alive, accepts interview

Han Geng Accepted An Interview

When I saw Han Geng, both of us embraced in a big hug, during this sensitive time when his contract lawsuit has still not been settled, we both were appreciative of each other’s understanding. We also reminisced about the scene four years ago when I interviewed him when he had just returned to China, it was the same as it was today as well with him facing the questions by himself, even though the circumstances now are very different, but he is still that Han Geng who is hardworking and always improving himself, while I am still that Sohu Dapeng who abandons all resistance before him. This part will probably make him fairly embarrassed, my so-called “abandoning all resistance”, is firmly rejecting any assistance from the stylist, because no matter how they make me handsome, before Han Geng it will be comparatively very ugly, so doing his interview really is a difficult matter, but when I see him sitting across from me with confidence in me and unguarded like that, in my heart it is very warm and there is a big sense of accomplishment.

This time the interview was conducted in secret, not only did fans not know, the staff members were all informed only when it occurred, this was for this intense time, to give Han Geng a relatively relaxed interview environment, as to when the content of this interview will be broadcast on Sohu, I don’t know either, only by coincidence this week from Beijing, by coincidence receiving a good friend’s telephone call hoping that I would host this “very meaningful” interview. That’s right, the content of our conversation was roughly about his recent situation, how he spent the New Year, what he’s doing every day, what his individual plans are for the future, also, what he wants to say to the fans the most...

Okay, seeing you still able to smile happily and relaxed that way, we are satisfied. Best wishes Han Geng!

Translated by: purple_princess@thirdchapter.org
Source: Sohu, Third Chapter

update: Geng interview w/ subs.

source: KPOParty

sorry, I don't have the Sohu original article link, but the OP at thirdchapter didn't link her source and I couldn't find it on Sohu.
Tags: hankyung / ex-suju members, super junior

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