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Black SNSD-planned to be revealed in mid March, "Can SNSD's the new concept work?"

The new Black SNSD concept which was hidden behind the veil, has finally began to unravel. SNSD will be back into action in mid March and fans are thrilled to see the new SNSD concept revealed in their "Oh" music video which was released in January. Unlike SNSD's original cute and energetic concept the fan are expecting more of a charismatic and powerful image from the girls.

The SNSD's new "Black SNSD"concept was never been released and was planned before their new album release. They've already finished filming the first stage of this new concept before "Oh" was released and on Feb.18th additional filming was completed.

Of course, other girl groups such as Kara and T-ara made their comeback with concepts such as "Lupin", "Sexy" and "Black". However, SNSD's associate workers are not worried due to the fact that SNSD's concept is totally different from these girl groups and black SNSD concept has been released long before Kara or T-ara made their comeback.

One associate working with SNSD said that, "You will soon be able to see SNSD's new concept. The feeling you will get will be completely different from "Oh"."

On the other hand, SNSD's "Oh" was awarded first place on many music charts and on SBS's "Popular Music" 3 weeks straight. KBS 2TV's "Music Bank" awarded SNSD's "Oh" 1st place 5 weeks straight making SNSD the top singer.

Original: Daum
Translator: DjAddick @ SSF
Tags: girls generation

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