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U-Kiss in Manila Mall Show Schedule!!

It's more than official now! The South Korean boyband of awesome U-Kiss will be visiting the Philippines from March 26-27. It was announced on Manila Bulletin, a leading Philippine newspaper (previous Omona post HERE).


Mall Show Schedule:
March 26, 2010:     SM Megamall 5:00 PM
March 27, 2010:     SM Clark, Pampanga 6:00 PM
March 28, 2010:     SM North Edsa Annex 5:00 PM

The Mall Tour will also include a CD signing event, much like what happened with 4 Minute. So better be early to get the goods!! PEP Inc are working on arranging a fan meet too, but this is still uncertain. There will hopefully be a concert in June as well.

Source: ME. lol (I'm sorry. There is really no other source. I contacted Premiere Entertainment Philippines and they gave me this information.)

Considering how new a fan I am, I am so kdjhfsdjkhf excited. I love my country right now. Anyone else who is coming??? Roll call!! :D:D

ETA: I'm really sorry about there being no other source. Chances are they are still working out the promotional materials, so the information hasn't been officially released on media outlets. I should have asked this too. But if anyone wants to confirm, they can totally just call the promoter office. They'll give you the info and even get your name and number. :)
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