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K-pop girl act aespa picked as one of "Next Generation Leaders" by Time magazine

K-pop girl group aespa has been named as one of the Next Generation Leaders by Time magazine.

The four-member act was the only K-pop offering to be listed this year, according to its agency, SM Entertainment, Friday. It is also the first time for a K-pop girl group to be on the list, while boy group BTS was named on the list in 2018.

Published by the U.S. magazine every year, the Next Generation Leaders theme is a list of trendsetters and pioneers in various fields.

About aespa that consists of four human members and their digital avatars and debuted as the unique concept of a "girl act in the metaverse," Time said, "Aespa is an experiment, but it may also be the inevitable next step for the music industry: a fresh way to bridge the virtual and the real."

It said although aespa has released only several singles and one EP, the EP landed highest on the Billboard 200 album chart among all K-pop girl groups ever. Its first music video, "Black Mamba," hit the 100 million views on YouTube in the shortest amount of time ever for a K-pop artist's debut.

"Truthfully, we were worried in the beginning, because this concept of ours is something new to our company as well … But our fans really loved it and are even creating memes out of it," aespa member Ningning was quoted as saying by Time magazine.

The group's goal is to "normalize metaverse concepts" and have people "be a little more comfortable with the whole idea of it," according to member Giselle.

Debuting in November 2020, aespa has released hits including "Black Mamba," "Next Level" and "Savage."

Last month, the group performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the largest outdoor music festival in the U.S.

source: TIME & The Korea Times
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fans think the first teasers for their next comeback will be dropping soon (apparently another mini album, if speculation about found bar codes or something is to be believed lmao). i’m really curious to see where they’re going next creatively. the savage mini was one of my favorite releases last year so i hope they continue to impress
aespa better give us the song of the summer!


1 week ago

SM keeps making such a big deal out of the avatars thing when, execution-wise, it seems like such an afterthought lmao. Like what are they talking about 😭.
maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I find aespa overrated... none of the members stand out either
i dont think that's unpopular :p if they didn't come from a big company i doubt they would have the same success
I feel the same. I see they're successful enough because SM really pushes them out there. Being a group from the big agency really helped.
same, I enjoy their music but all these opportunities they are getting at such a short time, like Coachella and their luxury brand deals, would never have happened if they werent from SM and did not have the backing of SM PR machine. It's so soon and they haven't really proven themselves in the industry, especially when they hardly sing live or only have a few songs under their belts. The whole thing is almost an insult to more senior idols who have accomplished so much more.
not an unpopular opinion at all
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well im surprised…

Deleted comment

i mean aespa have seen truly astronomic success lol idt sm has to pay for coverage like this when they’ve made a wild amount of achievements in such a short amount of time since debut.

Deleted comment


1 week ago

Deleted comment


1 week ago

aespa are undeniably one of the next gen leaders and I love that for them! people are so weird about them and there's a lot that I could say on that but lmao. anyway can't wait for more music and more ningning
Oh really?

I don't really follow K-pop outside of what is posted here. I just don't find them that interesting, so it's a bit surprising to me.

this is still such a weird award to give them in my opinion. I like aespa okay, but I just don't think they have the charisma to be called the next gen leader. I was interested in the SMCU but it's like they've stopped going forward with that. Savage didn't really continue anything on that front. Next Level was definitely a hit but once again Savage wasn't (to me) that great of a followup. And just their basic live performances have been lacking. Even in this interview, they seemed bored.

I just can't help thinking that other 4th gen groups deserve this but SM is bigger and that's why they got it. Hopefully they prove me wrong with the next comeback.

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