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Some Netizens Open 'Cafes' for Kim Kil-tae

Internet communities are sprouting up in support of Kim Kil-tae, the suspect in the kidnapping and killing of a 13-year-old schoolgirl.

Police are investigating some Internet users for their support of Kim Kil-tae, the chief suspect in the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl.

Some of them have established Internet communities on portal site Naver, describing themselves as fans of Kim.

One of them, introducing itself as his largest fan site has already drawn nearly 2,000 registered members. The sites carry postings lauding the victim's murder, police said.

An online campaign for his release has launched, proclaiming: "Kim is innocent."

The Korea Communications Standard Commission, which oversees portal services, issued an urgent order for the shutdown of such communities Sunday night and the portal immediately acted accordingly.

But the authorities are afraid for the reemergence of similar communities.

A spokesman for the portal said a total of six of the sites had been closed.

"We are monitoring around the clock to uncover suspicious communities,"
the spokesman said. "Those we deem suspicious are subject to immediate shutdown."

According to police, the first fan site was created last Wednesday. On the same day, Kim was apprehended just 100 meters from the crime scene in Busan after 15 days on the run.

Titled, "I Love Kim Kil-tae," the Web site drew nearly 2,000 subscribers before it was closed Sunday, police said.

The site's Web master said in an article posted Saturday, "Kim must be freed because the DNA sample found on the victim's body tested negative for Kim.

The police distributed false information to the media to put Kim under arrest."

Police are collecting information regarding the sites and subscribers may be summoned for questioning.

It is a kind of fad for some netizens to set up "cafes" in support of criminals who are caught but most of them close as interest in those cases tapers off.

Source: The Korea Times

I wonder if they still keep on making these communities as the guy has now confessed the crime.
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