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~Cuteness Overload~: 97-Liners From Major Groups Hangout


Minnie, Jihyo, Mina, & Lisa had cute photo session while they were together recently. Fans noted that this group bonds over being the 1997 babies of their groups. The groups Twice and (g)i-dle have been attending each other’s concerts recently and Lisa has attended as well.

Source: @min.nicha
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June 22 2022, 23:20:37 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  June 22 2022, 23:21:45 UTC

The one of them in props looking deadpan at the camera did get a laugh out of me ngl lol. But I love these pics!! They look so cute :))

The groups have bonded over the years, I know Chaeyoung and Rose have been seen out to dinner. Miyeon & Sana and Tzuyu & Shuhua are quite close too!

Lisa kinda looks like Sorn without her trademark bangs. It doesn't suit her imo 😬

Funny how their fans will attack each other while their faves are actually friends

this fills me with joy, i love all of them so much!!
Ahh cute. I love friendships!
this is cute. jihyo and mina are way more mature than lisa in my mind so it's throwing me off to realize they're all the same age.
i have the same problem! but imo its because jihyo is the leader and lisa is the maknae, even though they were born in the same year
that's cute!! i love seeing different gg members hang out w/ each other.
this is so fun! I really like all 3 groups, so I'm glad they're sharing their friendship more. and Lisa looked so happy when she went to the G-idle concert.

More of this should happen

Cuuuuute! Apparently they’ve been friends for quite some time now but never had the opportunity to mention it.

cute 💕 i would choose the eggplant hat too
So Cute! I love inter-group interactions like this, it's good they all have friends in similar positions they can talk to.
love when idol friendships bloom. this was cute, and I wonder if they keep in contact with other 97 liners (Yuju, Chaeyeon).

also, the thai idols being close continues to warm my heart
I always love girl group interactions. I'm happy they are friends and can help support each other. Being an idol is hard enough. Having a good support system (and one which knows the struggle) is SOOOO good.
Forever cute! The Thai idols are solid support to each other for as long as I can remember. And Lisa usually go out with Minnie and Sorn but YG doesn't allow her to be seen in their videos or photos LOL

I echo everyone's comment that its so nice to see idol friendships! specially those that crosses agencies LOL

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