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Nayeon's stalker is back in Korea, contacted Jeongyeon, JYPE discussing legal actions

Well, here we go again (unfortunately).

In case you forgot, back in late 2019/early 2020 reports of a German guy stalking Twice's Nayeon in Korea made headlines. He constantly followed the group, harassed them both online and offline and even leaked Chaeyoung's phone number. After trying to approach Nayeon on a flight from Japan to Korea and getting stopped by Twice's managers the whole group was put under police protection and JYPE announced legal action. He then went back to Germany and continued to upload videos proclaiming his love for Nayeon.

Now, with Covid restrictions getting lifted and just in time for Nayeon's birthday, he has made his way back to Korea. JYPE are aware of the situation and already put out a press statement, saying they're in contact with their legal team.

To make matters worse, the stalker somehow managed to get Jeongyeon's phone number and already started to contact her. She revealed this after a fan told her on Bubble to be careful of the situation and keep an eye on Nayeon.

sources: @twice_trans 1, 2, daum, news1, @moo_vie_
Tags: cray cray sasaengs, crime, jyp entertainment, twice

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