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20.03.10 Super Junior's 2nd Asia Tour: Super Show 2 Malaysia fancams

I know most of you would have probably seen fancams of the concert EVERYWHERE (esp since they started touring long ago) but well, I thought some of you might want to see more, so these are some of mine and a fellow friend's (unless stated otherwise). Would love to see other videos from those who went too! ^^

I was sitting pretty far from the stage (upper tier) though and my camera ain't high-tech or anything so I wouldn't say these are of HQ. Also, because I'm suffering from terrible Internet connection (nothing new here...LOL) so I've only uploaded cuts of their performances, mostly which were sung live and not their SMPs (except for a short part of Sorry, Sorry). I've also included some of my friend's, yanyee whose seat was somewhere diagonally opposite mine. LOL. Quite a huge number of fanboys were present. In fact, I was with my fellow cousin brother. :D

This was recorded right at the start of the concert, a sea of Sapphire Blue. ♥ Beautiful sight.

People were screaming every single time they were lighting changes and when there were slight movements backstage. LOL.

Videos are not in order. ^^
The big screen cameraman/director was quite Ryeowook-bias throughout the concert. Or so I felt. xD Which was good, for me at least. Or maybe it's just the fact that he arguably sung the most that night. General screams were always louder for DongHae, EunHyuk and LeeTeuk and loudest whenever KangIn's face flashes across the screen during their pre-performance videos. They barely show Geng and I don't think I spotted Ki Bum in any of the videos. Plus, as reported earlier, the crowd was VERY supportive of and went wild for Henry and Mimi (who looked SO GOOD with his glasses). ♥

Their self-introducation was SO LOL-worthy. The Korean-to-English translations were fail. I mean seriously, bubble boy and sexy fishy?!

Siwon greeted "apa khabar" at 0:02 which basically translates to mean "how are you?". I think Teukie said it about 4-5 times that night, from lack of other words. xD

I missed HeeChul's part because it was sudden and I was too excited after getting to watch A Man in Love LIVE. LOL.
The Cinderella Man(?) - HeeChul (He was a diva & tease and seemed to be caught up in his own world. ^^)
The Living Work of Art - Siwon (Can't remember how many times he flashed his abs that night. LOL. Even my friend's mum and several of the guys present at the concert were complimenting his body, a lot.)
Hottest Baby - Kyu Hyun (His moonwalk was a pleasant surprise.)
The Bubble Boy - YeSung (YeSung was just cute fail throughout.)
Lovable Blurness - RyeoWook (And yes, I was quite incoherent during Ryeowook's part. xDD ♥ ♥)
Ultimate Sweetness - SungMin (The irony of his introduction...)
Bejewelled - EunHyuk (Bejewelled reminded me of the computer game~~ and he was rocking the eyeliner. HAHA.)
Sexy Fishy - DongHae (Have to LOL again at "sexy fishy".)
Cutie Pie - ShinDong (Was comedic throughout the concert.)
Fallen Angel - Lee Teuk (Didn't know he was sick, bb was trying really hard to entertain.)

Photos from another friend of mine, Amily who was sitting towards the right of my section and well, first row of the upper tier. Random ones:

I stand corrected but I think Siwon got the flag from someone in the Rock Pitt area.

During Shining Star, most people switched to their (white) torch lights from their light blue sticks. SungMin (sitting towards our end) was also waving along with some given by the fans at the Rock Pitt area.

And for those of you who heard/read about this, Teukie crying during Shining Star. DongHae was teary-eyed too.

Credits to thongwe @ Youtube.

Cut from Miracle performance. Yesung, Ryeowook and Siwon kinda favoured our side (throughout the concert). xD

For fans of Sungwook? xD


Angela, Miracle, Disco Drive Medley

Credits to yanyee89 @ Youtube.

Our Love was cute as always.

Credits to yanyee89 @ Youtube.

HeeChul's Fairytale + Carnival

Credits to yanyee89 @ Youtube.

Evidence of ab-flashing with Baby ShinDong's approval.

Hyuk Hee also did some slight Abracadabra hip-swaying in his dino outfit. xD

Short (very short) clip of SungMin's Baby Baby

Wookie's solo of Insomnia.

Kyu's solo of 原谅我 [Forgive Me]. My friend was quite disappointed that he didn't sing 7 Years Love instead. But either ways, his voice was beautiful. ♥ And he looked cute with his new haircut (I think it's pretty new).

Do it, do it, chu <3~

f(x)'s Chu cut - Ryeowook as Luna (this time with pigtails), Donghae as Amber, Eunhyuk as Krystal, Heechul as Sulli and ShinDong as Victoria.

KRY-S sung What If, followed by Heartquake (which I recorded but I think you should be able to find better ones, esp from those where EunHyuk was elevated right in front of them)

Credits to yanyee89 @ Youtube

Found one of EunHyuk's but it's also from a pretty far angle. Looked quite dangerous, eh?

Credits to eszfarieyna @ Youtube.

I have DongHae's solo recorded but somehow no sound was recorded. I've no idea why either. =S So, enjoy this photo instead:

Lots of EunHae-fan interaction!

Here is Henry with his fantastic violin skills + HeeChul being all rock-star during their duet~

Credits to yanyee89 @ Youtube.

SJM's Blue Tomorrow cut. From where I was seated, a lot of them were fans of Henry and Zhou Mi (especially Henry). ^^ I think about 1/3 of the crowd who knew Mandarin were also singing along to Blue Tomorrow. Didn't take any fancams of Super Girl because I was too absorbed with the performance. LOL.

Before I move on, some photos of ZM + Henry

Naughty Siwon pouring water into ZM's shirt. xD

More of Blue Tomorrow because Happy Henry & Happy Mimi is ♥

Credits to yanyee89 @ Youtube

Here's my friend's fancam of Super Girl.

Credits to yanyee89 @ Youtube

Encore photos with ZM & Henry

Final bow

Encore; Marry U & Ending! =)

Credits to yanyee89 @ Youtube.

Last but not least, Kyu actually selca with one of the fans' camera.

Credits to aimaw for this.
So precious. ♥

Incidentally, a guy friend of mine who was standing at the Rock Pitt area, made contact with Kyu! Lucky guy!
Facebook message: u dun wanna know how the fans beside me reacted...seems like wanna eat me already...coz when Kyu passed by he only made contact with me...

I found another way to upload videos faster so here are some additional ones and maybe more to come? Just check back for the next few days or so. xD Done with mine. The rest of the videos I have are pretty generic and kind of the same with what you can already find on Youtube. ^^

Firstly, the SMPs

Sorry, Sorry Remix cut

Don't Don cut

U cut

Twins cut


Henry's cuts during HeeChul's Sonata of Temptation

Thirdly, more performance cuts

Puff the Magic Dragon cut

Dancing Out cut

Heartquake (KRY feat EunHyuk)

Last but not least,

This was an overview shown on one of our local TV channels on Tuesday morning.

EDITED ALSO TO ADD (hope you guys wouldn't mind, I'll try to add on as they keep coming in):

List of other Omona members' fan accounts:
jtyy239's: here
under_an_oak's: here
kuronology's: here
blurmeese's: here
martianqueen has five posts of photos and videos so you should just head over to her LJ to read them all! xD

List of Omona members' videos:
koptastic's YT channel: here
martianqueen's: here
xanderave's: here
enoa03's: here

Another friend (Sharon)'s photos over @ her FB page. She has 3 parts uploaded so far! 1 2 3

Source: Mostly me & yanyee89. If you are interested, more photos can be viewed over here @ Amily's FB page! :D
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