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Daesung, "I'm adding a modifier to the word 'dream'."

Last part in the series.
Previous part here.

”I think I’m going to be able to show a lot of variety in my solo album, from R&B ballads to happy jazzy songs like Cotton Candy. It’s been so much fun for me but I wonder if everyone else will love it as much as I do?”

This spring, Daesung is busy as hell. He has to prepare his solo album which is due for release this year, as well as practise his acting for writer Song Jina’s campus drama ‘What’s Up’, due to be aired in July.

”All these worries keep spinning around in my mind. I think to myself ‘It’ll turn out great’ but I keep worrying ‘How do I do this?’. I want to be complimented and loved but acting for a drama is really hard, it’s a lot different from musicals. There isn’t a proper script or fully developed characters or anything yet but the first thing we did was go on a camp with the writer and all the actors. (laughs)”

He says that any value of being ‘Big Bang’s Daesung’ will probably only last for a couple of seconds at most in a drama.

”To be honest, I think it’s true that any relatively famous singers who try to act will get certain benefits from the extra attention. But it won’t help for long. If they can’t act, people will think ‘This person sucks’ and turn their backs on them. ”

The thing that helped Daesung thrive in various fields was optimism nearly to the point of self hypnosis. He would say to himself ‘I can do this’ ‘I can do great’ over and over again. And he would discover a part of him that trusted himself.

”My dream is to become an entertainer. I want people to trust that I can do well no matter what task I’m given. I want to try my best in acting and singing, and do anything asked of me to perfection.”

Daesung says he’s going to add a modifier to the word ‘dream’ to always try to improve as an entertainer.

”Adding a modifier to the word ‘dream’. I heard it somewhere and kept it in mind since. If I said ‘I’m going to become a singer’, then my dream was accomplished the second I become a singer. But if I add a modifier and say ‘I’m going to become a singer who makes people happy’, then I have to keep trying. I want to make people smile even once when they listen to my music or see me acting, I want to become their shelter, their refuge. I want to become a person like that.”

Even at the young age of 22, Daesung has such deep thoughts and feelings. I bet he’ll continue to be loved by many as he smiles, worries, feels lonely, and puts in monstrous amounts of effort in everything he does.

▶Thank you to the readers who have enjoyed Daesung's Star Diary up to now. We’ll return again soon with the Star Diary of TOP, yet another member of Big Bang.

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Translation by s.jayx@BBVIP.net
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