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2 Kim Jong Kook Articles

Kim Jong Kook, Kneeling Asking For Forgiveness In Front of Kang Ho Dong! "Why?"

Kim Jong Kook knelt down in front of Kang Ho Dong.

On the 23rd on the broadcast of SBS Strong Heart's 'Scent of Man' special, Kim Jong Kook participated in the taping and confessed "I've knelt in front of Kang Ho Dong" raising curiosity.

On that day Kim Jong Kook said "There was a misunderstanding that I needed to clear with Kang Ho Dong" "After my release from military service I participated in Yoo Jae Suk's program 'Family Outing'. From that time Kang Ho Dong doesn't take my phone calls" suprising everyone with this revelation.

Kang Ho Dong denied Kim Jong Kook's words. Kim Jong Kook said "Finally at Jung Hyung Don's wedding didn't I kneel down in front of Kang Ho Dong-ssi and asked for forgiveness?" causing everyone to burst into laughters.

Later on Kang Ho Dong asked "Then who is number 1 on Kim Jong Kook's cellphone?" Kim Jong Kook revealed the truth and said "Yoo Jae Suk" once again causing Kang Ho Dong's nerves to go up.

On that day, Kim Jong Kook's taping caused Kang Ho Dong to sweat with his big revelation.

Meanwhile on that day's broadcast Yoo Dae Woong, Lee Jong Soo, K.Will, Lee Hong Ki, Mighty Mouth Sangchu and others participated in the 'Scent of Man' special. SNSD Jessica, Sunny, Kara Nicole, Goo Ha Ra and musical actress Lee So Jung and Lee Hyun Ji also participate.

Broadcast will be on the 23rd at 11:05PM.

Sources: Nateo_cha@Soompi

Kim Jong Kook "I had dated someone for 6 years"

Kim Jong Kook suddenly revealed that he had dated someone for a period of 6 years.

Kim Jong Kook had an interview with tvN 'ENEWS-Behind Star' (to be broadcast) on the 23rd at 9PM.

Recently he admitted that after his debut he has dated 6 women. He felt he had expressed it unfairly so he met with (our) reporter and said "In my life ever since I was born until now I have dated 6 women."

He also revealed "Once I dated someone for a really long time. I've dated someone for 6 years."

He talked about his fine thin voice "If not for that voice I don't think I can be in the entertainment world until now." "When I was young, I was able to sing songs well only when the music is high. I especially liked rock ballad."

Later on he said "Now I envy Lim Jae Bum sunbaenim and Park Sang Min sunbaenim with their thick husky voice.". Kim Jong Kook also sang 'She's Gone' and 'Go Hae (Confession)' on impromptu proving his skills as a singer.

Sources: Nate & o_cha@soompi
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