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Wax's new album released: Wax Unplugged Side A

01. 이별이야기/Farewell Story (ft. Jo Kwon of 2AM), Lee Moonsae & Kim Janghun cover.

02. 웃는 사람 다 이뻐/All Smiling People Are Beautiful, Kim Sungho cover. (title track)

03.춘천 가는 기차/The Train to Chuncheon, Kim Hyunchul cover.

04. 참 다행이야/That's a Relief, S.Papa cover.

05. 사랑은 창밖에 빗물같아요/Love Is Like Rainwater Outside the Window, Yang Sukyung cover.

06. 편지/The Letter, Kim Gwangjin cover.

cr: 919urnobody

This is a remake album featuring covers of a few of Korea's ballad classics. I know Wax has virtually no fans here, but her voice is lovely and this is a really nice release.
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