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Shinhwa celebrates their 12th anniversay together

Shinhwa's legacy as the longest running Korean idol group continues. Kim Dongwan recently blogged about meeting up with the other members and dished out some advice to younger idols.

[10.03.24] Dongwan’s photolog: Shinhwa’s 12th anniversary.

To celebrate our 12th anniversary we went to a steakhouse~
Although Andy couldn’t meet up..ㅜㅜ
We drank Andy’s share on his behalf so that’s fine!

Yes. We’re all on one ship sailing through the rough seas.
But the people who become the wind, the people who become the sun,
And the people who made the ship, we have not forgotten them.
The juniors should be like that too… There aren’t stars that shine by themselves, isn’t it.~*

And one from an earlier entry that looks like it's from the same day

Source: Dongwan's Naver Blog
Translation Credit: 수미 @ absolutshinhwa

To commemorate 12 years of friendship and love, a quote from Minwoo that sums up their bond:
"The member who’s left behind, we grab hold of his hand. The member who’s at the front, shares his luck with the rest of us. That’s how we’ve gone through for 10 years."

Guh. I can't wait for these guys to come back ;__;
I don't think there'll ever be an idol group like them again.

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