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Sangchu reveals "Strange Flow Between Kim Jong Kook and Lee Hyo Ri"

Kim Jong Kook was questioned on his relationship with sexy icon Lee Hyo Ri.
Mighty Mouth Sangchu on the broadcast of SBS 'Strong Heart' on March 23rd said "There's a strange feeling in Kim Jong Kook and Lee Hyo Ri's relationship." "Whenever I see Lee Hyo Ri the first thing she'd say is 'How is Kim Kook Jong' asking about him."

To this Kim Jong Kook becomes flustered and said protesting "I know Park Ye Jin's contact information but I don't know Lee Hyo Ri's phone number." Then Lee Teuk said "You don't know her phone number but you know her address, don't you?" surpising Kim Jong Kook with this question.

MC Kang Ho Dong said "I don't have Lee Hyo Ri's phone number. It's in my head already so I don't need to put it in (my phone)" delivering a knock-down to Kim Jong Kook.

Meanwhile on that day's broadcast the 'Scent of Man special', Yoo Tae Woong, Lee Jong Soo, K.Will, Lee Hong Ki, Mighty Mouth Sangchu and others participated. They were joined by SNSD's Jessica, Sunny, Kara's Nicole, Koo Ha Ra, musical actress Lee So Jung and Lee Hyun Ji.

Sources: Daum & o-cha@soompi
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