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Nicole Reveals the Idol Who Pushed Her to Diet

KARA’s Nicole had everyone at the edge of their seats when she unveiled the story of how she started to lose weight. It seems a certain male idol star asked her, “Just when are you going to lose that fat?” and Nicole took that to heart.

The mystery man has been revealed as no other than... SHINee’s Key.

On the March 23rd broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Nicole admitted that after hearing this word bomb drop left her feeling less than happy. In response to his question, she fired back, “Don’t look at my body; look at my face.”

However, she added, “But I still felt bad after hearing that from a guy.”

It seems that even if Nicole hadn’t given up Key’s name, the Strong Heart MCs and guests would have known anyways. As MC Kang HoDong asked, “Is he tall? Is he short?” (in Korean, height is 키/Key), sassy singer Kim JongKook asked, “Or is it Key [himself]?” causing Nicole to fall out of her chair in laughter.

Now that the secret’s out, what do you guys think? Key is normally a very blunt guy; was he out of line?

Source: Newsen, KpopLive
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so Omona, were your guesses correct? I personally think Nicole has always looked fab.
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