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BEAST's Surprising Transformation As Ballad Singers

While showing off their manly beauties, Beast-dol BEAST, who had their brilliant comeback with 'Shock', will transform as a ballad singer.

On the 25th of MNET Countdown, BEAST arranged to sing an orchestra version of the sad ballad 'Despite Holding On' by Noel that once attracted popularity, preparing an emotional performance that we never once saw since all those days.

Through the internet, as BEAST recently became the topic of conversation with their practice video of 'Despite Holding On', they were recognized as a boy group carrying singing ability. However, just as though they haven't prepared a ballad song in their scheduled performances, the new challenge of BEAST, who was continuously active in dance songs since their debut, amplified the interest of the fans.

CP Kim Kiyong, who just finished his production, expressed his heart frankly by saying, "When you look at an average idol group, there's a tendency that their visual and dance matches their focus, but through BEAST's performance, they are planning on showing the idols' genuine performance that carries outstanding singing ability."

Along with BEAST, Amerie's 'Hear' Em All' will unfold in this week's M! Countdown.

As Cho PD appears with the world singing master, In Sooni, they will lock lips since 6 years though his new song 'R.O.K.' after 'My Friend.' By continuing with the abbreviation of 'Republic of Korea' for 'R.O.K.', they are putting ahead the World Cup sporting event while seeing the fighting spirit of their nation, in which Cho PD prepared this song with ambition.

Original Version by Noel:

Cover by Beast:

omg YESSSSS. I love their cover sfm.
I'm happy to see them perform this in semi HQ!! ew. mcd :D

CREDITS: B2ST Rising; Youtube: bonafidecivic, wavey87
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