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yoon dohyun writes a song for kim jedong called... 'the kim jedong song'

TV persona Kim Jedong is currently touring the country doing a talk concert (since he isn't a singer, I suppose) called "No Break," and received a special present this week called "The Kim Jedong Song." As you can guess, it's a song written especially for him by close friend Yoon Dohyun.

Yoon came out as a special guest during Kim's concert in Incheon on the 20th, and did a surprise performance of the song for Kim and the audience.

The song is also called "okyokyokyo," after Kim Jedong's characteristic laugh.

It starts off, "How amazing it is that he can see the world through those tiny eyes," and is a message from a hyung to a dongseng who has been by his side for many years. Yoon took 3 days to write it, not wanting to show up to the concert empty-handed.

Kim was happy to receive such an unexpected present, especially a song written for him. But after listening to it he decided, "The melody's nice but I think we'll have to work on the lyrics." The audience couldn't stop laughing at their back-and-forth bickering antics.

Anyways, 'The Kim Jedong song' will be officially recorded and released soon!

source park youngjoo @ bntnews
translated by okdubu @ omona_prection


i always called him kim jAedong, but if i look at his name, it really should be jedong, lol. and that's what he goes by on twitter too. and yes, it's real, because his bickering with yoon dohyun leaks over there too. i looked around for fancams but couldn't find any, unfortunately. i can't wait to hear what it sounds like!
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