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Kara bursts into tears while talking about their harsh dieting regime

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Kara’s Jiyoung expressed her true feelings about the difficult aftermath of her harsh diet.
Kara were the guests on tvN’s Taxi, where Kang Jiyoung said, “Before Mister, I had to go through a very harsh diet. After losing the weight, I experienced the yo-yo phenomenon [of gaining the weight back].”

On this episode, Kara also revealed their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, titled “Kara Menu”. Nicole said, “I lost 3kg by dieting. I keep exercising everyday because I am afraid of gaining the weight back.”

Hang Seungyeon also spoke up about her fall on Music Bank a few weeks ago. She said, “The moment I got off the stage, I began to cry.”
During the filming, Kang Jiyoung and Goo Hara burst out in tears and were unable to even speak. Why? The episode airs today, so stay tuned on allkpop to find out!

Source: allkpop

Kara bbs that is no way to live D:
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