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JYPE brings on "noise" marketing for 2pm

And you didn't hear it from us.

Apparently, JYP Entertainment, has started to use ‘noise marketing” for boy group, 2pm. In case you don’t know, the term “noise marketing” refers to the use of scandals to generate buzz. Already, there is buzz among fans that some parts of the new album has been leaked at the 2pm fansite on Daum.  The fansite on Daum is asking everyone not to pay attention to the apparent noise. In regards to the rumors on the leaked album, JYPE is demanding to sue the culprit.

So is this just “noise” by JYPE? Whatever the case, JYPE is getting what they want – buzz.

Here is the translation to the lyrics of what was supposedly leaked:
The rap is from Chansung and the sing part is from either Taecyeon or Junho

(ENG) So sorry girl. I’m so sorry girl, it’s something I don’t know~
Come back to me girl, just one more time
I will, make me try, just give me a chance, come on, let’s go

As I look at you turning away from me
I hoped that you could’ve blocked the wind for me, but as you go further away, without even knowing my heart

I’m so upset, all I do is drink, the only thing I can think of is you
How is she doing, does she even think of me?
All I want is to see her just once

I’m so sorry girl, just something I don’t know, come back to me girl, just one more time
I will, make me try, just give me a chance, come on baby, let’s go
Let’s go, it’s over

(RAP) You say you don’t know my pain and you keep walking away
I admit my mistake but you just leave me like so
What do you want me to do? I don’t think I can do anything
I can’t live, it’s so hard, I can’t walk on like this
Baby baby baby girl, come on back
I thought that you’d call at least once

I just miss you, maybe we’ll meet again someday
When I’m waiting for you, I’ll never see anyone else, Let’s get back together


source: popseoul
Tags: 2pm, jyp
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