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SHINee's "Hello Baby" Comes to an End

Tears are seen when it came to saying goodbye for group SHINee and YooGeun.

KBS Joy ‘SHINee’s Hello Baby’ will come to an end at its 12th episode to be aired on 6th April. The SHINee members have been playing the role of the father to YooGeun for about 3 months since the show started on 19th January. And throughout the show, they have together formed many wonderful memories and built deep affection with one another.

During the last episode when SHINee and YooGeun had to bid farewell, they were seen in tears, and the SHINee members made a time capsule as the last present for YooGeun, and he can only open the time capsule after he has turned 20 years old. In the time capsule are all the things which had memories of the past 3 months in them.

Leader Onew commented when making the capsule, “Will YooGeun still remember us when he turns 20?

Also, there was one member who was tearing really badly such that the filming had to be suspended for a while as he had a deep affection for YooGeun in the past 3 months.

Sources: TodayInKorea, KBites

*sobs* why does it have to end? T_T
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