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Super Junior’s Choreographer for 4th Album?

This is purely based on speculations. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Shindong posted this picture in a tweet just a bit ago. The picture is taken in the dance studio.

The man in the photo, standing next to where Kyuhyun is peaking his head out, is Devin Jamieson.

Devin Jamieson is a 22 year old dancer from Canada, who now lives in West Hollywood, California. He has danced for concert tours such as Hilary Duff’s and was supposed to be one of the dancer’s for Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour.

He is also close friends with Nick Bass (choreographer for “Sorry, Sorry”) and quite a few other people that have helped with choreography or danced in videos for various SM artists (such as BoA).

So does this mean he’s the choreographer for the new comeback song and the boys are already learning it? Possibly! We can’t be for certain though, but that is who the man in the picture is!

Source: Twelfs,♬thea @ sj-world.net
Video Sources: bmarsh108, canadianbacon0000
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