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Kim C is unhappy with variety programs being canceled

No doubt most k-pop fans are aware of this situation with the naval ship tragedy and that it’s been affecting the Korean media a lot lately. Variety and live music programs like We Got Married, Infinity Challenge, Music Bank, Inkigayo and others were canceled last week because of the tragedy.

Although these programs were canceled out of respect to those who were involved with the tragedy, it seems that singer Kim C is a bit upset with the aftermath.

On the 4th he ranted on his personal Twitter account saying, “It’s like Alice in Wonderland. Sports are okay, movies are okay and so are dramas, but variety programs aren’t; does this mean they don’t want us to laugh?”

Perhaps this tweet was in retaliation to those that were opposed to SBS Star King making a normal broadcast. Whether or not that’s the case, Kim C’s thoughts seems to have shifted the minds of netizens that were against the continuation of variety programs as one even said, “What’s the difference between variety programs and a comedy movie – this seems very one sided.”

So it seems that Kim C definitely brings up an interesting point.

The tragedy may have been a terrible one but the variety and music programs are in no way related to the unfortunate event. Canceling them the first week out of respect was definitely a fine gesture but continuing to do so may seem a tad bit ridiculous to some. After all, if one did not want to laugh, they could merely change the channel.

What do you guys think, are you for or against the variety and music programs being canceled?

source: allkpop
Tags: tv shows
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