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D-NA Interview with Music Bugs

'D-NA' - new idol who receives the hottest responses directly. Nice to meet you! Please give your first introduction for the Bugs Family.
D-NA : Hello, We're DNA.
Hyunmin : I'm the 'Husky Boy' Hyunmin.
Jay : I'm the 'Fresh Energy' youngest Jay.
Injoon : I'm the 'Lifeblood' Injoon.
Karam : I'm 'Shining' Karam.
Mika : I'm the 'Charisma Leader' Mika.

There's so many people who already know D-NA, but some don't know yet. Please give an introduction for your title song 'Admiring Boy.
Injoon : D-NA is the youngest male idol-group. We matched our age with our concept by debuting with a cute and shining image. In the future we think that we can show to fans a natural, innocent, and fresh image.
Karam : ‘Admiring Boy’ - just like the title, the song is about a boy who admires a girl. With medium tempo and fun melody, you can comfortably hear it.

How was your feeling when you have around 40.000 official fans, even before the debut?
Hyunmin : We heard it first on the day before our showcase. We are very surprised! We're feeling anxious then we checked on the internet. We felt proud and good at the same time. We really felt good because there's so many response.

Please give some words about your 1st performance.
Injoon : We're a little bit nervous. Because it's the first time we revealed ourselves in front of the fans. We were nervous and shaking but since everyone did so great, i have no regret, only left a little sorrow. But since we're nervous, we only showed less that what we did while practice. I think even now I still have a little regret while on the stage.
Hyunmin : We are always shaking on the stage. If we see all the audiences and cameras, it will be different with what we had practice.

We're curious, what kind of talk you guys did after the 1st stage? Did anyone shed tears?
Mika : After the nervous stage, we have nothing in our mind but our coordinator was there. He/she have been with us together for a long time & always gives us support while watching our performance, he/she cried.

We watched your 1st performance at M!Countdown & your performance at Inkigayo today. I think you guys have improved.
Karam : Everyday after show we will go to our practice room and monitor our performance. While doing the monitoring, we will compliment some good part & also fix some part.

Seems like you received so many advice. Do you get many compliments?
Mika : The members gave compliments.
Injoon : Mika-hyung always said something like 'You did great' or 'Nice work'. The office points out some things for us since we need to improve.

Seems like your parents/friends reaction was kinda hot too.
Karam : I'm from Daegu. They said that after the show aired, there's a big uproar there.
Injoon : I think my parents really really likes it.

D-NA : (By any chance, before your debut have your parents ever object your dream?) All our parents are open & always giving us support. We're always thankful.

The story before DNA's debut (how the company find them). Mika & Hyunmin from a Creative Music Festival in Seoul, Karam from modelling, Injoon from a Youth Music Festival, and Jay from Star King, the youngest group's brilliant career. First time you guys get together, what's your impression?

Mika : Hyunmin is from Pohang. When i first saw Hyunmin, he was unsophisticated & speaks in dialects but he's so handsome & seems like he's pure.
Hyunmin : Because Mika-hyung is from Daegu, so my first impression was kinda same. He didn't speak in dialect but a little unsophisticated. Only Daegu people have that kind of style. Through telepathy, I can feel that he's good at singing.
Mika & Hyunmin : (About the telepathy) Because it's a singing festival, we can see the style of people there. He has the feeling of a great singer.
Hyunmin : It's really good. When I first come to Seoul, we're from the same province but we're unfamiliar. When I'm eating alone he will accompany me, I'm really thankful.
Mika : I also thankful of you for being nice. ^^

Jay : I have many memories of my first meeting with Injoon-hyung. He's from Incheon. He's different with Incheon style. He wore a training & his hair is parted 2:8.
Injoon : Truthfully the hair parted is a lie. It's a strong personality of Incheon. Incheon's fashion style is a little different, back then I thought that style was really cool.
Mika : When I first saw Injoon i almost got mad because of his style.
Hyunmin : That style was fixed for a year.
Injoon : I even had the nickname 'Ms. Part(hair)' for a while.(You don't want to change your style even when you had that nickname?) That time I thought it's cool.

Karam : When I first saw Jay, he's totally a baby. He's really pretty. That time his hair reached his shoulders. If we look him from behind, he looks like a girl. But that little girl were dancing, & his move is not a joke. I also joined the company because of dancing, but that little girl can dance even better than me. What's with that kid. I also heard about the competition. That time we did a battle, I was surprised.
Injoon : I'm on the kinda late side (to join the company). So I can't see Mika&Hyunmin's corny image back then. When i came back, there's a equipped and weird feelings. I'm a trainee but I received the feeling of an artist. At first I can't talk to Mika-hyung because he's hard to approach and he has a chic image. I think that kind of style was strong.

Lately many groups have been formed using the “survival” method. How was D-NA formed?
Mika : We also used the survival method. However, it wasn’t like people were eliminated so that the remaining contenders were left to form the group. As trainees we each had our individual activities and D-NA was formed during these activities. Also, originally the group had more than just five members. Some ended up leaving voluntarily and there was another friend who couldn’t participate because of his own personal situation. [T-N: Gun + Yoon <3 T____T] The people who managed to make it through this process were us five and in the end, we became D-NA.

As talented as each of you are, I’m guessing your personal prides must be impressive. Did you make any extra efforts regarding the group’s sense of teamwork?
Karam : Before our debut, we all used separate rooms. However, after debut all five use one room instead.
Hyunmin : You know when you eat rice you fry spam, right? We fry exactly five or exactly ten. Or else one person eats five and stuff like that. (D-NA, several times during their interview, exposed their love for spam.)
Injun: Among our group we have a team motto: Let’s become one.
Mika: Seeing that we are all strong individuals and have completely different personalities, as the leader it was a bit difficult for me to achieve a good sense of teamwork at first. But we really put in an effort to fix our minds and get set on being more thoughtful and more accommodating towards each other, saying stuff like “Let’s work together for a long time; let’s think of ourselves as one.” Now our personalities work really well together and I think our teamwork has really improved as well.
D-NA : Now we’re like family. We can tell certain things just by looking at each other’s eyes. For example: “You want to eat spam* right now, right? Stuff like that.”

There's 5 boys. Usually do you guys talk comfortably?
Mika : It's a little different. There's a member who talks a lot on interview, there's also a member who's usually funny, and there's also a member who doesn't talk.
Injoon : (Who's the mood maker in the group?) I'm the team's lifeblood, but it's not only my role, we're doing it together. The most important thing is we play/joke seriously. If we're playing, we will forget time.
Hyunmin : I think we matched each other a lot while playing. We're playing with all our might. We also play blindfolded hide&seek at the practice room.
Karam : All the people at the company doesn't know. They thought playing at the training room is something that will never happen.
Injoon : (It's okay if you talk now) It's all old stories, since we're busy we can't even imagine it anymore. ^^

Has the magnae ever show you all some entertaining aegyo?
D-NA : He's scary (our magnae)
Jay : I'll play when it's time to play & i'll train when it's time to train.
D-NA : Oh Oh Oh. His charisma is not a joke. It's not when training, if we make mistakes, we don't even know which one is the leader.

We'll ask something to the leader. Now you all seems like a family. But who worries Mika the most?
Mika : Actually I’m worry about all of them. They all make me worry in unique ways. (Please tell us one short story) For example Hyunmin, he’s with me since the trainee period and we fought a lot. It’s not that we didn’t match each other, we seek different things. When D-NA formed, he seeks things he wants to pursue. Because of that kind of thing we fought a lot. But because we are close, it’s a normal thing to fight. Or because we know each other so well. I’m not worried when we trains because he did well. Because it’s winter sometimes he become sick. But we can’t do anything about sickness. For Injoon..

Injoon : I’m a little lazy. (Waking up?) No. I’m the first one to wake up in the morning.
Hyunmin : We have a dog at our dorm, Injoon will wake up first then clean the poop, then he will make food & clean the dishes.
Mika : He works hard at that kind of thing but he have so many excuses.
Injoon : Because I’m like that I got scolded so many time.
Hyunmin : When we trains, he will say his legs hurt, then he will rest.
Mika : I rarely ask Injoon to do something. Injoon is a person who is good at talking. But one time when we’re practicing, there’s something that I don’t like so we fought. I think that it will be hard to be (in a group) with him. But now I’m comfortable.
Injoon : Until now, hyung has never be like that to me. At that time I was a little surprised, but I know my mistake. I said sorry but after that everything back to normal. I think we match each other more thanks to that problem.
Jay : So, what’s the next question? ^^

For this time, we’ll give a chance to the other member. ‘I want to tell this to leader.’ Say it if you have.
Injoon : Let’s see who dare to open his mouth first.
Karam : (Other members: Waaa~) Please listen to this and don’t misunderstand this. Of course all of us are tired, especially in the morning. Injoon is the most diligent on the morning, but that’s because he have his dog to take care of. After that one by one will wake up. But always the last one died. Hyung~ This is not right.
Hyunmin : Me & Mika-hyung competes without voice.
Karam : Mika & Hyunmin always wake up the last. In some case we have to delay our trip.
Injoon : Hurry handle it, hurry~
Karam : You’re the leader, right. You’re ur commander. You have so many things to think & you have no time to sleep. How many problems you have at night.
Mika : Again and again. Just see.
Jay : No for us.
Injoon : There’s none for us. He is a honored leader-hyung. We see him as a cool leader who lead us.
Karam : But we do it. (Your comment will be a common opinion) Please do it like that.

Your average age is 17 years old. You’re a topic since you guys are the youngest idol. Since you start at a very young age, is still no pressure?
Injoon : For me, it’s tiring. It’s so different if you compare it to school life. I don’t know how to express myself, I think I know how it too enter a different society.(In what age you start practicing?) For me it’s been a year. Since I start my practice late, it’s really hard to adapt with the situation.
Hyunmin : I was eating ramen on the floor. But when I sit on the chair, my legs shakes.
Injoon : I don’t really know that kind of thing.
Mika : However we look at it we can say that we don’t understand that kind of thing. But in Hyunmin’s manner, at our senior-junior relationship it’s clear.

Injoon : Because I’m one family, I’m thinking whether I’ll be comfortable with them or not. ^^ Start from that kind of trivial things, I can only create a little memories with my school friends. (Until now, do you still regret that?) However it’s a good thing for me.
Karam : Our magnae is so young. We thank a member for bringing down our average age. Jay started this kind of life even though this is suppose to be the time of his puberty, the time to act cute and things to their parents, so how I wonder how much he misses them. At night he will be on phone with his parents, but after that his expression is pathetic. He also often say that he misses them. So I think it’s very hard for him. (Do the other hyungs treat him well?) Of course. We bought him spam* everyday. We really love spam*. ^^
Hyunmin : It’s a little tired for me too. I come from a province and stays here. But i received and sent so many serious jokes with them. I have to adjust my life here and I did the same, then I got into trouble. Because of that it’s a little hard for me. Because I’m joking but the other members take it seriously.
Karam : Sometimes we boys jokes radically, but for that one, it’s a little hurts. Because I lived peacefully with my friends.
D-NA : At first we need time to adjust since we have different styles. But now since we’re family, it’s fine.

D-NA called as ‘Harmonize band’. Do you also have a practice time for acapella?
Mika : Because each of us have unique voice, many people thinks that we can’t harmonize, but we actually can. We often do acapella practice while adjusting volume, we also makes music with several voice.
Karam : (Any musical instuments you can play?) Hyunmin plays drum, piano, and gitar. Injoon has the ability to beatboxs. His mouth is his ability. Leader Mika also plays gitar and piano.
Hyunmin : Karam also plays piano.
D-NA : (Do you have any plan to show it on the stage?) Next time, we’ll show you when we have a concert.
Hyunmin : (I think Hyunmin has the ability to do a one-man-band show) I tried it once. I record the voices of guitar, drum, piano, and my own voice D-NA : (Has the other member heard it?) Yes we ever. It’s interesting.
Hyunmin : I’m also surprised. But it’s not satisfying,

Do you have any special treatment for your throat?
Karam : Because we’re so loud, our throat often dries. When we have a show, on the night before we will have moisture for our throat and a wet towel. Mika often drink citron tea.
Injoon : We drinks citron tea because it’s good for our throat. Many fans give us citron tea as a gift.

Your second flash mob event garnered lots of attention. This was a rare opportunity to meet your fans even before your debut showcase- we’re curious about your feelings on this.
Injoon : It was our intent to approach fans and grow closer to them. We were thinking of various ways to do so when we came up with the idea of flash mobs. We prepared saebae (T/N: traditional bows) on Lunar New Year’s, New Years’ greetings, and time for taking photos with our fans. Since it was a chance where we got to be directly in front of the attendees, we figured it was a time where we grew a little closer and received interest from the fans as well. Our latest flash mob was a White Day event in which we gave out candy out to our fans after Inkigayo. At first we thought not many people would come due to the rain and the bad weather, but even more came than initially expected- so much that our supply of a hundred candies ran out and there were people who didn’t get to receive any. We’re extremely grateful and came to think that we should prepare more events like these in the future as well.
D-NA : (on whether or not these would continue) If we have a chance to do so, we definitely want to prepare them. (Plans for other events?) We’re thinking of them/planning them.

‘Blinding World’ is a ballad song that shows off D-NA’s singing skills- do you have any plans to promote/perform this song on the stage in the future?
Mika : Since ‘Blinding World’ is a slower song, it does have the aspect of being able better to show off our vocals. We don’t have any particular promotion plans for this song yet but if a chance does happen to come, we do want to perform this song on the stage. Right now, however, we plan to work hard/focus on “Admiring Boy.”

As of late many boybands are capitalizing on their manliness – do you have any wishes towards this concept as well?
Injoon : Firstly, “Admiring Boy” has a cute and innocent image that suits well with our ages and we are focusing on showing that side of us at the moment. Later on, however, we want to present different sides of us as well. We’re currently deep in thought about what kind of image we’ll present after “Admiring Boy.”
Mika : (on whether they have a concept in mind) Right now our concept is very smooth, fresh, and cute. But after all, we are guys/men- so wouldn’t a situation where we use a strong/tough image arise at some point?

“Beast-idols”- Lately attaching such titles to certain idols has become somewhat of a trend. What kind of idol does D-NA want to be referred to as?
Mika : We’re the youngest idol group in Korea- so maybe something like a group called the nations’ younger brothers?
Injoon : 국민남동생 (Gukmin namdongseng, national younger brothers)idols. Guknam-dols (National-brother idols). I think it’d be nice if people called us that.

Do the members ever go on their own to noraebang/karaoke?
D-NA : Wah~ If we go, it gets really hectic.
Hyunmin : Mika hyung always sings “She’s gone”.
Karam : If we go to karaoke, it’s basically like a frenzied concert. Injun and Mika belt their lungs out, Hyunmin’s soft, Jay raps- it’s no joke. It’s pretty much a party, a party.

What songs do the members sing? Please tell us.
Hyunmin : I usually sing Im Jaebum’s ‘Gohae’.
Jay : Like Karam hyung said, the atmosphere is really like that of a concert. Since it’s like that I usually have to keep the atmosphere pumping- that’s why my favorite song to sing in karaoke is Supreme Team’s “Supermagic”.
Injoon : As for me, I usually sing Big Mama’s “Resignation”. All of the songs are pretty classic but I usually end up singing them at least once.
Karam : In my case my choices are a bit different from the members… I sing bbong-jjak (T/N: usually old-fashioned music, like trot), to up the atmosphere. (What songs do you sing?) ‘Not Everyone Can Love’ and ‘Love’s Nametag’. In particular, I really like Hyunchul sunbaenim- we even share the same name.
Mika : Originally I was the type who frequented karaoke a lot. You know when you go there and there’s always that one guy who’s ace at hitting high notes? I have a higher range and to amuse my friends I usually ended up picking out songs with high tones… Out of those I prefer Jung Jaewook’s “A Foolish Separation”.

On stage you’re required to look cool and sing well, while at karaoke the main priority is fun. Which member do you think you can go to karaoke with and spend several hours without getting bored?
Karam : If I have to elaborate on each person: In the case of Hyunmin, he really loves singing so he has a very strong tendency to sing well alone. That’s why I think it’d be fun to go as the two of us. Jay, on the other hand, starts dancing as soon as music comes out so with him the experience is very fun. Injun and Mika tend to veer towards ballads.
Injoon : The atmosphere changes completely. Of course, Karam ups the atmosphere with his ‘bbong-jjak’ as well.

Right now the trend is toward versatility in entertainment. We know that Jay has been featured in a movie; do any of the other members have plans to start participating in acting, variety, or other mediums of entertainment?
Jay : Yes, last year I acted in the movie “Golden Age” and up to now I’ve participated in three projects. In my most recent project, “Bada (T/N: Sea)”, I play a blind person. (On whether it is difficult) At first it was extremely hard, since I had to act with my eyes closed. For example, there was an episode where I had to portray my character walking with a cane at a crosswalk, and right beside where we were filming there was a construction site. When the director said “Action” I started walking with my eyes closed until they yelled “Cut, cut! Jihwan, come here”: that was when I realized that I had almost fallen into the construction area.
Karam : Injun is really good at speaking. If he became an MC or radio DJ I think he’d do a really good job.
Injoon : I know this will probably only happen very far from now but I want to become an MC.

Since D-NA is, after all, the youngest boyband, you must have many fans that are older than you are. What’s D-NA’s secret to attracting nuna fans?
Injoon : In order to do that, we want to show our cuteness and natural innocence. You can consider our maknae Jay’s fans in particular to be practically all nunas, since he is of such a young age.

There are lots of boybands out there: what special charm does D-NA possess in order to attract fans?
Injoon : Well, there are certain things only our own youthful image can show, like how babies are adorable no matter what they do. I think our main attraction is our cleaner, more innocent appearance.
Hyunmin : I think the fact that we are young but our skills aren’t can also become a charm point. Our concept as five voices combined into one harmony can also be considered attractive.

Are there celebrities with whom you would like to perform or grow closer with?
Hyunmin : I would like to stand on one stage with Park Hyoshin. He’s a sunbaenim who I very much respect and I’d like to sing together with him at least once.
Injoon : Personally, I really admire Yoo Jaesuk. (Karam: Whenever he sees Yoo Jaesuk on television his eyes start to shimmer.) The position of a mc is one that leads the guests, and I think in that aspect of things he is really cool and impressive in what he does. I really want to meet him and greet him.
Karam : In my case, U-know Yunho sunbaenim. If you look at my past you can say it’s because of Yunho-sunbaenim that I ever became a singer in the first place. When I was younger I saw him dancing on television and that’s when I started to dance myself. It’s also due to him that I decided I wanted to become a cool dance-singer. Since he’s a figure that has had so much influence over me and my life I’d like to meet him in person and perform on the same stage with him as well.
Jay : I would like to stand on the same stage as Rain. I liked his dance for ‘Rainism’ so much, I memorized it and showed the hyungs on many instances. If I ever got the chance I would like to dance with him.
Mika : Before our debut Minwoo sunbaenim and Junjin sunbaenim offered much encouragement and tips for improvement. If we ever hold a concert after improving and developing in the future, I’d like to invite them since we’ve grown stable because of their help.

When it comes to idols, this is a question we cannot forget. Who are your ideal types?
Mika : Originally, my ideal type is my mother. If I had to pick from celebrities I’d say the closest to my type would be somebody like Son Yejin? Somebody naïve and pure. I’d also like for the part in their hair to be 5:5 (T/N: aka straight down the middle), with natural hair that is long and black.
Karam : My ideal type is also my mother, who happens to look exactly like Yoo Chaeyoung. That’s why I desire her for my ideal type.
Injun: I just like girls who are of the cute type. Though gorgeous and beautiful people are good too, I tend to prefer girls who are cute.
Jay : People who are good at dancing.
Hyunmin : I don’t have any set ideal type- should I say girls who cause me to feel love at first sight? I like the idea of fate and destined partners. Unfortunately, I haven’t met anybody like that yet.

credit: music bugs | enchanteDNA

Reading the part about Gwangchul and Jisang broke my heart, even if they didn't mention their names. I'll just leave this here. (courtesy of Suhoon's cyworld)
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