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Kim Jong Gook sheds tears on Strong Heart

Kim Jong Gook came on Strong Heart and talked about how he thought his singing career was once over. As he spoke about his sentimental story, he started to shed tears and spread his sorrow to the other guests.

He started out his story by saying, “My singing career was in danger of ending. My friend Cha Tae Hyun came on Family Outing once and shared that I cried once while drinking. I want to explain here for the first time why I cried that night.”

Kim Jong Gook explained,

After Turbo [his old group], I had to find my solo career. I ended things very well with the CEO of the company I used to be with, so I was ready to start fresh.

I wanted to try my best but all these songwriters were refusing to write songs for me. I found out that someone from my last company told all these songwriters to not write songs for me. It was a hard time to go through. I was young and I didn’t know many people.

I drank a little and gained confidence to ask for help [from the guy in the old company]. I asked to let me live. But then he said to me, “I guess you’re calling because you are regretful.” I was hurt. I cried a lot that night.

But later, I succeeded as a solo artist [after working hard to finally make an album]. After I did well, the guy came to see me after having not seen each other for seven to eight years. He wanted to destroy me and now he came to see me. I guess knowing someone only gives you good. Because of the Turbo days when I worked hand in hand with him, I couldn’t help but be nice to him even after what happened. I smiled and he talked to me as if nothing had ever happened.

He asked me to do a featuring but I couldn’t at the moment so I turned it down. Then he said to me, “How can you do this to me? You had a hard time, right? I’m sorry.“

This episode aired on the 6th. Let’s all hope Kim Jong Gook will sing with passion forever.

Source: allkpop
I always thought it was because of a girl (coughyooneunhyecough), but now that I know it's because of his career... D': Don't cry bby <3
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