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Super Junior’s Leeteuk Suspends Radio Hosting After Injury

It’s been revealed that Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk will take a break from being a radio DJ/host on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio due to his back injury.

While preparing for the group’s fourth album, he injured his back and is in the middle of recovery at the moment.

SM Entertainment said, “The earliest he will return to radio hosting is the 9th. He had injured his back during dance practice for Super Junior’s new album.

Special guest DJs will take turns to host in Leeteuk’s absence. f(x)’s Krystal, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Donghae and SHINee’s Onew will thus be the guest DJs in the next couple of days. This shows the close relationship among the SM family members as they help each other in times like this.

Netizens commented,
I hope you get better soon.
I feel Leeteuk’s emptiness. Come back healthy.

I guess he was giving it all for the dance practice.

Source: akp

on the 9th? aren't they supposed to be here in the Phils by then? LOL. anyway, I hope he gets better soon. after Kyu's injury, now Teuk. the boys are really working hard for 4jib.
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