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WonderGirls’ Korea comeback stage in May for Dream Concert? “Plans are not confirmed yet”

There has been great interets about WonderGirls’ comeback in Korea.

It has been earlier announced that they will be releasing a new album simultaneously in various cities on 16th May. And the album is released in various languages like English, Korean and Mandarin.

Recently news have came that the WonderGirls will be appearing for Dream Concert on 22nd May at Seoul WorldCup Stadium. With a JYP Entertainment rep voiced, “We know that there has been much talks about the girls’ comeback stage in Korea after the news of their new album. Even though we cannot say that there are no plans for that, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.”

Currently it has been known that the girls have completed the album recording and MV filming.

Meanwhile, coming 4th June onwards, the girls will be holding their Wonder World Tour in the States with 2AM and 2PM as their opening guests.

Sources: Newsen & Sookyeong

I really miss their presence in the Korean music scene but at least I have the new album/MV to look forward to! And kinda OT but does anyone know where to get a WG lightstick? Or sites that sell K-pop lightsticks in general?
Tags: comebacks, wonder girls

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