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BEAST Jang Hyunseung, "I'm Hungry"

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Beast Jang HyunSeung, was a member of Big Bang but unfortunately eliminated on the show "MTV Big Bang", then he moved on and joined BEAST's agency. Now, He's more famous as "BEAST member Jang Hyun Seung" rather than "Big Bang ex-member Jang Hyun Seung". Being introduce as "Big Bang's eliminated member" on articles somehow caused him to have antis. This also happens when T-News first wrote about BEAST during their "BAD GIRL" days.

"To think of it, must very hard to face the antis at such a young age, but I prefer to think 'One day, antis will switch sides. it's okay' ". "I have never had a dream of becoming a singer. I prefer being a dancer than a singer, but both of them are engaged in the music industry," he said with his high spirited appearance. "During rehearsal break, I would move my body to practice some choreography while refining my voice."

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Memories of Mini-album's title song 'SHOCK' will never be forgotten. Right after finishing the schedules, they went straight on practicing. "10 hours everday, for 5 days, we were all tired" HyunSeung explained. "We practiced extremely hard for the activities of promoting this album," he said.

BEAST and T-News met at 1:30PM. "I have not eaten yet, I'm hungry" said HyunSeung, who during the T-News 'Star and Handwriting' section, picked up a hot pink pen and wrote "I'm Hungry".

During theird debut days, BEAST's mission was to "Make Hyun Seung gain weight", was kind of hard because Hyun Seung is naturally skinny even though he's a junk food fanatic. AhGuJjim (T/N: Spicy Braised Monkfish), salted squid, etc. This BEAST member would eat everything including Ice Cream, Chocolate, etc. Members revealed "In the waiting room, or whenever you go and see HyunSeung, He will always be in the middle of eating something."

Today, might seem to be Hyunseung's pizza day. "Suddenly, I want to eat Pizza" he said, then he start writing pizza all over his paper. He really proved that he loves comfort foods. "I want to eat ice cream" He continues, and draw a picture of ice cream cone. Meat, especially ribs, is one of his favorite "I can eat (ribs) really well".
"I am a good eater but I don't gain weight easily. It's probably because of the practices i do," he said.

His interest of fashion clothing and shoes were described in his drawing. He likes to wear hats, especially the unique ones. HyunSeung also subscribes to Japanese Men Magazine "TUNE". He once gave an item to Big Bang's own G-Dragon, a Star Belt. "On Winter 2005,I gave it to G-Dragon. Looks like he has used it," he said.

Because he was so hungry, HyunSeung drew himself with a glasses and hungry expression. "I really cannot draw," he said. "I want to thank all the fans. BEAST made it here because of them" He continues, "I always see the fans cheers for us, that's why I force myself as my gratitude," he revealed his affection to the fans.

Credits: Sports Chosun; Trans: giggle @ B2ST Rising

Antis from being eliminated? O_o
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