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2PM, finished filming music video... Starting the attack of the 'Beasts'

2PM has finished filming their music video and is entering the final stages of preparation for their comeback.

A representative from 2PM's company JYP Entertainment said through T-News, "The filming for the music video of the title song of their new album has finished, and the work on recording the album has also entered the final stages. The atmosphere is not good right now because of the naval sinking, which makes it difficult to reveal an exact date for the comeback, but they will make their comeback by the end of April, as planned."

Images of 2PM member Wooyoung with short hair and Nichkhun with his hair dyed golden have been captured by fans, leading to rumors that 'The new concept is a military concept.'

On these rumors, [the JYPE representative] said, "The rumors circulated on the internet are untrue," and "We are at a stage where we are still discussing the concept." Furthermore, "2PM will be sticking to their image from before. They are in the middle of preparing to return with a stronger, more manly image. As they are working hard to present a good appearance as quickly as possible, please look forward to it."

2PM will make their comeback with a new album at the end of April.

Original source: NATE News
Translated by: 49.5bananas @ wild2day
Tags: 2pm

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