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Su Ae cast as leading lady in IRIS spinoff Athena

Actress Su Ae (Sunny, Bottom of the 9th Inning with 2 Outs) has just been confirmed as the female lead, joining actors Jung Woo-sung and Cha Seung-won in the action-packed blockbuster drama series.

According to Taewon Entertainment, who is producing Athena, the two female leads are part of the National Anti-Terror Service. Similar to the roles played by Kim Tae-hee and Kim So-yeon in IRIS, one is a special agent while the other is a profiler, although both are on the same team this time. Su Ae plays a profiler with the South Korean national intelligence agency with a calm disposition who is set up in a secret organization as a double agent (I’m thinking Alias, the SD-6 years?). Producers cast Su Ae after looking at actresses who combined beautiful looks with strong acting skills and an ability to convey subtle emotions.

Athena is aiming for a premiere in the latter half of the year, and will begin filming in June.

Source: Osen
Via: dramabeans

There's also one SNSD member participating!
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