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Shades of Purple

MBLAQ Mir, ‘No makeup on top of bed picture’ First shown to public

Mir from the 5 member Boy Idol Group that Rain has raised has shown the public of a picture of himself with no makeup.

On the 9th (today) at dawn, Mir posted up a selca (self-camera) picture of himself with no makeup lying on his bed when he went to Thailand for filming of mnet ‘Show King M in Bangkok’ up onto his minihompy.

With no makeup at all, wet hair, and slight exposure Mir explained the picture as ‘Example of trying to take an early morning picture after erasing my makeup in Thailand and failing.’ Also on this day, not only did he expose his no makeup face but as well as a picture taking during his second year of highschol.

Upon looking at Mir’s pictures, the fans left many comments such as ?Oh! Cheolyong oppa!! What about a success example? Keke,’ ‘If the failed example is like this then how amazing is the success exampleㅜㅜ,’ ‘Cheolyong shoulder shoulder♡,’ ‘As expected Bang Cheolyong!!’

On the other hand, Last January Mir posted up two old photos of himself which he came out good and said ‘That time I was really popular. Really’ and had caused a lot of cheers from his fans.

Translation: mir-ified @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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