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T-News interviews BEAST's Son Dongwoon & Lee Kikwang


Dongwoon's interview - Yong Junhyung said, “When we first met Dongwoonie, he loved to dress in a Bohemian style. I thought he was Jack Sparrow from ‘Pirates of the Carribean.’”

Kikwang's interview - He actually got confused with his own drawing. "Is it a pig? or is it a bear?" he laughed. He also put the mark of Tai Chi*, "When you write, there's no thinking, like elementary school kids!"

[NEWS] 100409 BEAST's Son Dongwoon shows his 4D Handwriting

Around the time of their debut, BEAST’s magnae Son Dongwoon’s fashion sense was beyond just attention amongst the members. Yong Junhyung said, “When I first saw magnae, I definitely thought he was older than me so I wasn’t able to talk comfortably with him. I was shocked when I found out that he was the magnae” and “When we first met Dongwoonie, he loved to dress in a Bohemian style. I thought he was Jack Sparrow from ‘Pirates of the Carribean.’” But through his quickly matured looks, he even earned the nickname ‘Male God.’ When asked to join T-News in the special corner ‘Star & Handwriting’, he grabbed the blue pen and showed his 4D side.

Son Dongwoon said, “I like books. My favorite author is Bernard Werber” and “I tend to read SF (Science Fictional) books.” It’s no wonder that stars appeared in his handwriting (paper). He ended his study of the stars by saying ‘In a sky filled with stars, a shooting star fell and all the stars fade away. What a situation.’ In the beginning of their debut, the members said that “Dongwoonie is 16D (16 Dimensional).”

He even talked about his special experience on the KTX (Korean train system). With their title song ‘Shock’, they had a schedule in Busan but due to the heavy rainfall, all the flights were cancelled. In result, the members had to take the KTX to Busan as transportation. Aside from Son Dongwoon, it was the first time riding the KTX for the other members.

Son Dongwoon said, “I told the hyungs to trust me that even on the KTX, they serve food. However, there was none so I was embarrassed.” When asked “Wasn’t it uncomfortable with a lot of people recognizing you?” Doojoon responded by saying, “Right now there aren’t a lot of people that can recognize us so it was okay” as he showed humble side.

From their music video filming which went all night to their packed schedule – in their stressed state without being able to eat properly, Son Dongwoon showed his love for food through his handwriting. “I want to eat everything.” ‘Soymilk’, ‘I’m hungry’, ‘I want to eat junk food’, and ‘Hamburger’ was filled everywhere on the paper.

Jang Hyunseung said, “I want to eat pizza” as he joined in on the sudden pizza craze by writing ‘I’m craving pizza’. The line ‘I want to overeat’ caught our eye as it showed his shikshin (literal translation – food god) side.

Yang Yoseob who used to eat ramen and crackers in the beginning of their debut days earned the title ‘Shikshin’ for enjoying late night snacks, but has sadly let go of that title. He said, “When we go back to our dorm, the first thing I would do was put water to boil for ramen but nowadays, I’m too tired so I just sleep. It’s sad.”

100408 [NEWS] 100408 Beast Lee Ki Kwang, "Burst of Colors in Handwriting"

Splitting time between debut promotion of 'Bad Girl' and acting on MBC Sitcom "Highkick Through The Roof", between studio and program recording is murderous to him. Despite his tight schedule, Kikwang always put his sweet smile in front of those fangirls, causing him and BEAST to have a blasting popularity. During T-News corner 'Star and Handwritings' Kikwang asked was excited, soon the albino colored paper turned very colorful.

Lee KiKwang earned a few nickname including 'Cutie (귀염이)', 'Fresh boy (상큼이)', etc from his character, who has a crush on Hwang JeongEum character, called Seho. Seho is a high school studen who has nice physical appereance yet is very cute and smiles a lot. Yoon Si Yoon who played student Jun Hyuk on the sitcom was interviewed by T-News before said, "Kikwang is actually very charming". On the interview, Lee Ki Kwang also said "I really feel comfortable acting on 'High Kick', now that it has ended, i'm really sad. I really miss it."

The end of 'High Kick through the Roof' means new challenge. Kikwang is tested on his variety ability by joining MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night' corner 'Hot Brothers'. First aired on the 28th last month, together with Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Gu Ra, Park Myung Soo, No Yoo Min, Park Hee Soon and Simon, they have a challeng with the cold weather in HanGang river. After the shoot, KiKwang said that it was so much fun. The other cast said "I was suprised that KiKwang was so different from the image he has on the stage. He actually has a very good sense of variety program". "All the Hyungs (T/N: older brothers) are very nice to me. So to shoot with these people was very fun," KiKwang explained. On his paper, he wrote "'Hot Brothers' rating of 30%, Let's go!" happily.

Because of the preparation for the new song 'SHOCK', he only has an average of 2 hours sleep a day, but Kikwang refused to show signs of being tired. "My birthday is on the March 30th," he said happily, "What date is today? I live without knowing the dates. I don't even know if this is night or day," he complained.

"I want all the people that I love are always healthy and happy. My mother, father, my little brother, my family, I want them to be happy"." Our Beast members, also be happy," he said, showing his vow to their friendship. "Beauty (B2uty, BEAST fans), I want to thank you all forever," he said, not forgetting his fans. This 21 year-old seems to have fun with his writing. He actually got confused with his own drawing. "Is it a pig? or is it a bear?" he laughed. He also put the mark of Tai Chi*, "When you write, there's no thinking, like elementary school kids!" he said, "Colorful is my color!"


sources: chosun (SOURCES 1 & 2); SEOULFOOOD@B2ST Rising (TRANS); giggle.@B2ST Rising (TRANS); beastistheb2st@tumblr
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