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MBC to cancel broadcast of variety programs after labor union strike

It just gets worse and worse for MBC and especially for viewers of their programs.

One would expect things to return to normal after programs were canceled last week in memory of those who were involved with the naval ship sinking tragedy.

But one certainly did not imagine that MBC would be facing another crisis after its labor union went on strike earlier this week to bring about the resignation of new MBC President Kim Jae Chul. They believe that Kim Jae Chul was turning MBC into a puppet station of the Lee Myung Bak administration.

The ongoing strike meant that normal operations were severely affected. MBC has thus announced on the 9th that in addition to airing re-runs of their weekend programs this week, the following programs will be canceled.

Affected programs
April 12 – 16th More Charming By The Day (sitcom)
April 12th Come to Play
April 14th Golden Fishery
April 17th We Got Married, Infinity Challenge, Quiz That Changes The World
April 18th Sunday Sunday Night

Music Core will still air on April 10th, but with footage that had been recorded a week earlier on April 3rd. The fate of the April 17th episode remains unclear.

Source: allkpop
Tags: music core, tv shows

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