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Sohee’s Heartfelt Confession and Appearance Gains Everyone’s Attention

Wonder Girls’ Sohee became one of the most loved female idols with her cute charms and her famous “Omonah!” during the ‘Tell Me’ days. Even though the girls have been away from the Korean entertainment scene for a long time, Sohee’s popularity is still strong. On April 9th, an interview with Wonder Girls was featured on MBC’s ‘Section TV’ where the girls talked about their upcoming comeback, and Sohee’s confession about this topic has gained lots of attention.

She expressed, “Along with the worldwide release of a new album, we are planning to make comebacks on Korean music shows. Because we want to show fans a ‘better us’, it feels extremely burdensome.

After the interview was aired, netizens commented,

That was Sohee’s honest feelings. However, we believe the outcome will be a good one.
It was nice seeing Sohee again after so long. Her healthy beauty can be seen through her typical baby face,
Looking forward to seeing Sohee’s bright and smiling face again.
Sohee’s popularity syndrome has not died, as she has a distinct cute-sexy image. Her white skin and chubby cheeks are like elements that make people feel comfortable and optimistic.

Her appearance also grabbed the attention of Lady Medi Clinic’s Director, Kim MyungHoon, who said,
Nowadays, there have been people who have been wanting a cute face like Sohee’s, because it makes a favorable impression. Skin that is clean and clear like hers can make a person more optimistic and give them confidence. With Sohee, the Wonder Girls will not have to worry about positive feedback from fans.

Many fans wondered how Sohee’s popularity would fair against all the new young idol stars. She was once Korea’s favorite maknae but she is not the youngest anymore, nor within today’s hottest idols. But as you can see… there is nothing to worry about! Be careful people, there is no cure for Sohee Syndrome!

Source: mdtoday.co.kr, wonderfulsworld

Waiting 4 a HyeonAh SoHee reunion!!
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